It took me an hour to find out this word "Mignardises". I couldn't remember how it spells although I serve this plate at work every day. Finally, I called my co-worker to spell it for me so that I can have a title for this post. ^^

We usually make two different ganaches every time we make them. My recently truffles are blue cheese ganache in white chocolate and tamarind ganache in dark chocolate.
I personally don't like blue cheese because it has a strong flavour. However, the idea of using it with chocolate is kind of interesting. As it turn out, I like blue cheese more and more. For the tamarind, sweet and sour work well together anyway.
I use the ganache formulation guidelines from Chocolate and Confections by CIA and adapt the formula a little bit.

White Chocolate and Blue Cheese Ganache :
make 40 pieces

for the shells
- 35% white chocolate, tempered and melted

for the ganache
- 5 oz. heavy cream
- 3 oz. Blue Cheese (Point Reyes)
- 6 oz. 70% dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate and Tamarind Ganache :
make 40 pieces

for the shells
- 64% dark chocolate, tempered and melted

for the ganache
- 2 oz. heavy cream
- 1.5 oz. corn syrup
- 2 oz. tamarind juice
- 1 oz. unsalted butter, softened
- 9 oz. 40% milk chocolate


Manggy said...

Are those enrobed in chocolate? They look so smooth!

Gosh, tamarind in chocolate... I wonder how it tasted :p

Thip said...

Yes, they are cover with chocolate.
Tamarind tastes good, but blue cheese needs some change. I would use Blue de Basque instead next time.


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