crissy field...

on a sunny day...

Mark and I went windsurfing last weekend. It was my first day for this season. I didn't windsurf at all for the last 4 months because of the weather. I went out only half hour. The water was so cold and the wind was a bit strong and gusty. I didn't feel comfortable enough to handle my 5.0 sail--it was too big for this kind of wind.

Our friend took their 2 yrs old son to play around on the beach. They brought along their son's new sail. It is suppose to be a smallest sail ever--so cute.

Andrew was introduced to this sport when he was only one yrs old. His parent visited us while we were still living in Caribbean. I still kept the photo that he got on the huge board with a tiny wetsuit. He loves this sport--I can tell. ^^


Oscarcete said...

Nice photo !
But is very young yet ?
Im windsurf instructor and i think that the best age is after 7 or 8 maybe.
How is your experience ?

PD. sorry for my bad english.

Thip said...

Hola Oscarcete,

Yes, he's too young. However, his dad just can't help it when he saw that sail.

In Caribbean, kids start to windsurf around 3 or 4. By the time they get to 6 or 7, they are good windsurfer already. You have to see them--amazing kids.


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