marbled swirl truffles...

Just having fun with the chocolate!

Marbled Swirl Truffles with Curry Ganache :
make 40 pieces

for the shells (2:1)
- Valrhona Ivoire white chocolate 35%, melted and tempered
- Valrhona Manjari dark chocolate 64%, melted and tempered

for the ganache
- 4 oz. heavy cream
- 1 tbs. madras curry powder
- 1 oz. corn syrup
- 5 oz. 40% white chocolate, chopped
- 2 oz. unsalted butter, room temperature


Ginny said...

Beautiful! Do you have any tips for getting them to turn out so great?

Thip said...

Hi Ginny,

The tempering process is the tip for making truffles. The chocolate needs to be temper correctly, otherwise it won't come out smooth and shiny.

I use seeding technique for tempering. For dark chocolate, melt it to 115 degree F on bain marie, remove from heat and add 1/3 unmelted dark chocolate to cool and seed the melted dark chocolate to 90 degree F.

For white chocolate, melt it to 105 degree F, add 1/3 unmelted white chocolate to cool and seed the melted white chocolate to 85 degree F.

cakewardrobe said...

This looks so pretty and perfect! Ever think of starting a chocolate business?

Vanillaorchid said...

wowwwwwwwww... P'Thip, they are absolutely perfect ka!!


Rachel said...

These are so beautiful - I love the cayenne/chocolate combination, so I'm sure the curry would be amazing!

Vanillaorchid said...

Happy Easter ka.


Thip said...

Thanks, cakewardrobe. I'm afriad I'm not going to have fun if it comes to a business. :)

Rachel, the curry ganache is definately tasty.

Thank you, Om.

Manggy said...

Thip, those look very professional :) You should definitely keep doing it as long as it keeps you happy, heh :)

Thip said...

I give credit to my boss. She's the one who inspire me for this post.

Oye&Jubal said...

น๊อคๆ ลองพิมพ์ภาษาไทยดู ฮิๆ พี่ทิพย์จะอ่านได้รึเปล่าก็ไม่รุ

สวัสดีค่ะ...พี่ทิพย์สบายดีไหม ออยเพิ่งหาทางมาบ้านใหม่พี่ทิพย์เจอเน้อ รูปสวยแจ่มทุกรูปเลย นึกว่านั่งดูรูปจากแมกกาซีนซะอีก อิอิ


Thip said...



Zabaione said...

ตามมาเคาะประตูบ้านพี่ทิพย์ค่ะ อิ อิ

อยากรู้ว่ารสชาติจะเป็นไงน๊อ ช็อคกับเคอรี่

Thip said...

Sawasdee ja Gam,

You must try this one. I really like the combination of the chocolate and curry.


Medena said...

This is beyond my abilities, but you make me want to try! Great job, now mail me some, my address is: 123 Cov..... :)))


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