mango-coconut ice cream...

serves in Thai style...

The way we eat ice cream is quite different from others. It is kind of an old fashion way to eat it like this as most people buy ice cream from groceries or supermarkets nowadays. I remembered living far away from the market when I was a kid. There was only one small grocery in the area. Luckily, my family and I can get things from the vendors. They came by tricycle or pick-up, sold everything from candy to furniture.
Our house also was by the canal, where the old style and traditional way of selling and buying was usual. The vendors came with flat boats piled high with fresh produce and local foods.
Back to my mango-coconut ice cream, I serves Mark this one with sweet sticky rice & toasted coconut topping in a Portuguese sweet bread that I made, the same way I always got from the floating vendor before Swensen's and Baskin-Robbins were established in Thailand.
make 2 pints
- 1 lb fresh manila mango, chopped
- 2 cups sugar
- 1/4 cup water
- 1 cup heavy cream
- 1 cup coconut milk
- 4 egg yolks
- 1/4 cup malibu rum
1. Simmer mango, sugar and water together for 5 minutes, then puree the mixture in a food processor.
2. Bring cream and coconut milk to a simmer.
3. Whisk the yolks, then temper them with a cup of cream & coconut mixture and return to the heat until anglaise consistency. Remove from the heat.
4. Mix in the puree and malibu rum.
5. Cool it down on an ice bath, then spin and freeze.


Mandy said...

what a sweet coincidence! I made mango and coconut gelato last week! Your version sounds really delicious and I would love to give it a try. Is the rum a must?

My Sweet & Saucy said...

What a fun and interesting way to eat ice cream! I love it!

Ali said...

how cool! I've never seen that before. :)

Anonymous said...

sounds delicious!

Thip said...

Mandy, rum is optional.

My sweet & saucy...you have many interesting desserts too. :)

Ali, anonymous..thanks.

natalie said...

ohhh that looks delish! my grandmother used to put ice cream inside bread to and she loved it!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm... I'm from Malaysia and I remember back in school we had the ice-cream uncle on his bicycle and he would sell ice-cream in sweet bun. It was better than a hot dog. The best was durian flavor ice-cream. Thanks for bringing such great memories

Thip said...

Natalie, I love it too, but my husband said it's a bit weird. He ate it anyway.

Anonymous, mine is sweet bread in hotdog shape. :)

Vanillaorchid said...

When I saw it, I thought about when I was in Bangkok and always prefer this way ka, yummy yummy!!

This is one of my list I wanna eat when I go to Bangkok this time ka.

Tarah said...

Ahh, I to like to eat Ice Cream like this from time to time.

Thip said...

Om, I didn't see anyone sells it this way when I was there 2 yrs ago.

Wow! there're many people eat it this way. :)

Cindy. Lo. said...

I wonder if there's any Thai restaurants here in CA will servie this dish,
I really wanna give it a try!

Thip said...

Hi Cindy,

I don't think they serve ice-cream this way in any Thai restaurants in the U.S.

However, you can buy a bag of sweet bun, any ice-cream flavor you want and some sweet sticky rice from Thai restaurant. Then put them together yourself.

I sometimes use pineapple compost instead of sweet sticky rice and toasted peanut instead of toasted coconut. Extra topping with caramel or chocolate sauce.


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