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I've been in Bangkok for 10 days already. The weather and traffic seem to slow me down a little bit. I was planing to do a lot of things before I got here. It's been raining almost every day and the traffic is still awful. I'm afraid to drive in my hometown--not only the gas price is high. Thai people drive like no one. I've gone only 6 yrs, Bangkok seems to be the busy and difficult place to live for me now.1

I know I shouldn't complain, it's good enough to come home and see my family and friends. If I think carefully, there are many good things here still, for example, real Thai cuisine, produce, fruit etc.

Custard Apple or Noi Na in Thai
Peak season is June to September
I haven’t had Noi Na for years since I moved to the States. I don’t think anyone sell it there. It has a lumpy green skin covering fragrant and sweet white flesh. You have to separate it in half and use a spoon to eat its flesh. I bought this one 3 days ago and it’s still hard on the outside. I will need to wait for 2 more days before I can eat it.

Emperor Lychees or Lychees Chakrapat in Thai
Peak season is April to June

I usually buy fresh lychees at Asian market in San Francisco, but they are small and a bit brutal. Sometimes I prefer canned lychees over fresh ones. In Bangkok, these lychees are every where—large in size with a thicker bright red skin. They are sweet with slightly sour. I think they are the best quality lychees I ever have.

Phulae Pineapple or Supparod Poolae in Thai
Peak season is April to June and December to January

Phulae pineapple is originally from Phuket. The size becomes smaller because of the space it has. It was an accident when a farmer in Chaing Rai left it grows unattended in less area and less food. It’s still maintained original crispy and sweetness. This is why this pineapple becomes popular nowadays.

Dragon Fruit or Gaew Mang Gorn in Thai
Peak season is May to October

Tell the truth, I just had a chance to taste this fruit yesterday. It tastes like melon, but sweeter. The inside looks similar to kiwi with white flesh. There’re 3 different kinds of Dragon Fruit: pink skin and white flesh, pink skin and red flesh and yellow skin and white flesh. The one I had is pink skin and white flesh. The skin is not edible. You have to cut it in half and scoop the meat out.

Rambutan or Ngoh in Thai and Langsad or Langsad in Thai

Peak season for rambutan is April to August. A fruit native to Southeast Asian nations. The soft spines are safe to handle that you can open it by hands and squeezing until it pops out. There is one seed in the center which you discard as it is bitter. The white meat is sweet and refreshing.
Peak season for Langsad is July to October. The skin of young fruit is green, and it turns yellow when it is ripe. The skin contains milky sap. The taste is sweet and sour.

Durian or Turian in Thai

I'm lucky to be here during durian season that typically start from June to August. Eating fresh durian is much more better than eating the frozen one. Although durian is not native to Thailand, but we are one of the major exporters of durian. I've never tried durian from Malaysia or Singapore, but I heard that their durian has a good reputation too.


Vanillaorchid said...

P'Thip...once I saw the fruits, I wanna take the next flight to BKK ka!!! ^o^

I have never realized that I miss these fruits like this!!

I'm counting the day .... cannot wait to be there although I'm sure I will get some strange feeling being in the big and busy town like BKK as the town I live now is totally different from BKK ka.

Cannot deny that I miss my home, my family, my friennds etc.

I will give you a call na ka once I'm there.

Take care & enjoy ka

pook & house said...

You can find Noi Narh in USA. It is called CHERIMOYA fruit.

In fact, this fruit is a native to Peru.

Funny thing was...10 years agos. There was a chef (a friend) carrying in a huge case of Cherimoya. And showed it to me. He thought it was a rotten fruit and was gonna throw it away.

You can find it in anywhere Spanish market is.

For Dragon Fruit, Chinatown sell it. I also found crispy dragon fruit chip sold in Trader's Joe yesterday..

Enjoy food hunting in Thailand. I can't wait to go back to Chinatown there and do restaurant & food vendor hopping all night.


Thip said...

Om, Did I give you my number? If not, I'll send it via email na.

House, really? I've never seen Noi Na in SF, but Dragon Fruit is everywhere though. I haven't checked Yaowaratch yet--I need sometimes to adjust to the crowd.

Vanillaorchid said...

I got it ka P' Thip, will give you a call once I arrived there ka.

I won't miss the chance to meet you ka ^O^

pook & house said...


Go to Yaowarad at night after 8pm, lots less crowd and food vendors everywhere..

I recommend you to go a few places to sample best of the best there. I grew up there so you can trust my suggestion.

Here is the map of Yaowarad.


1. Orr Suant at Soi Praengnam (next to Orchid Hotel (#10 on the map) It is the best ever. When turning right onto Praengnam corner of the hotel, it is just around 50 ft on the right. Next to a place selling Kao Mun Gai and Guay Jub..

2. Geaw Pla on Songward Rd (along Chao Phraya River). When you turn right on Songward Rd from Radchawong Rd, look on the left in a little tiny soi before Chinese school, you will find a vendor selling it. This guy has been selling geaw pla since his dad's generation. All home made.

3. Kao Tom Pla Rachawong. Best Kao Tom Pla in Bangkok.. Get one with Bah Teng (Moo kem).. Basically, from Yaowarad Rd, turn right onto Rachawong. Kao Tom Pla is on the corner of the first SOI on the left.

4. Pad Thai on Rachawong. Small vendor on corner of Sam Peng lane and Rachawong. They cook per order using copper pan. They used to serve in a little banana leaf cup ( Khra Tong). Much better than Pad Thai Phra Too Phee.

5. Rod Chong Singapore on Charoen Krong Rd going pass Song Sawat Road intersection, on the right hand side. People around there know. This Rod Chong isn't thai style, more chewy and with jack fruit... I always eat two..coz they are the best.

6. Bah Mee Poo, Gaew, and Moo Dang on Rama 4 Rd near Hua Lum Phong. heading to Chinatown. Before Hua Lum Phong intersection. There is a hotel on the left.. Bah Mee Poo building is located before the hotel. It is little bit pricey coz they give you real crab craw and used home made noodle.

I usually brought a few friends and order one or two dishes only at each vendors so we could sample different dishes. But that was 9 years ago...

Bon Appetite...


Thip said...

Good Om, we should go check all the bakeries in BKK together. ;)

I crave for Bah Mee Boo, House. I might try it this week. BTW, I have a friend who grew up in Chinatown also.

Sharon said...

Thank you for posting the different fruits of your country. This was very interesting! They are also very beautiful!

Manggy said...

Oh, it's been ages since I've had a custard apple! (called "Atis" here. There's even a local major producer of atis ice cream.) I've not tasted dragon fruit either-- mainly because aside from sorbet I can't think of too many applications for it.

For some reason your most recent posts have not come in on my RSS reader, so I missed the last one or two. I wonder why.

Thip said...

Your welcom, Sharon.

I have no idea about the RSS, Mark. For Dragon Fruit, I like to eat it fresh though. However, sorbet is a good idea--I'll make it when I get back to SF.

Y said...

Those lychees look incredibly. I don't think I've ever had them that big. And langsad I'm guessing is similar to langsat, which I've had before..?

Thip said...

Y...I think they are the same langsad or langsat, depends on how people pronoun it.

Anonymous said...

The rangutan, is well known and popular in latin america too, its a leche fruit there

Chezus said...

I LOVE the pineapple in Thailand - the best I have ever had!! Have fun!

Michael Natkin said...

If you ever get bored of eating those beautiful lychees raw, here are 3 other ideas.

Salt N Turmeric said...

malaysian call it langsat. ;)
abt durian, i guess if ur a msian, the best wud be msian durian and if ur indonesian, it would be indonesian durian. lol.


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