black sesame French macaroons...

I haven't done French macaroon for a while, but it's still a popular treat for anyone whenever I make it. I've tried many recipes and techniques in the past. They all work well in different ways. I'd always use aged egg white as all the recipes call for it. I just curious how it works with fresh egg white, so I use the fresh ones today and the result is about the same.

I come up with a flavor that I've never made before, black sesame French macaroon with red bean ganache filling. I'm satisfied with the result as they go well together. I add white chocolate gelee in dark chocolate cup, along with white chocolate powder and red bean ganache sauce.

make 30 French macaroons

for the shell
- 80 g ground sesame
- 80 g ground almond
- 240 g powdered sugar
- 100 g egg white
- 40 g sugar

for the filling
- 50 g heavy cream
- 50 sweetened red bean paste
- 125 g Valrhona ivoire white chocolate 35%, melted
- 60 g unsalted butter, room temperature

for white chocolate gelee
(adapt recipe and technique from A hydrocolloid recipe collection edited by Martin Lersch)
- 1 g carrageenan
- 150 ml water
- 50 g Valrhona ivoire white chocolate 35%, melted
- 85 g heavy cream
- 30 g sugar
- 1 ts. almond extract

for white chocolate powder
(recipe and technique from A hydrocolloid recipe collection edited by Martin Lersch)
- 40 g tapioca maltodextrin
- 60 g Valrhona Ivoire white chocolate 35%, melted


for the shell
1. Mix sesame, almond and powdered sugar together in a food processor. Set aside.
2. Make cold meringue by whipping egg white with sugar to firm stages.
3. Fold sesame mixture into cold meringue in 3 additions.
4. Fill in the pastry bag with plain tip# 4, pipe the batter onto a silpat in 1" circles and 1" apart.
5. Let them set, uncovered, at room temperature until the skins are form.
6. Bake at 300 degrees F for 8-10 minutes.

for the filling
1. Whisk cream and red bean paste together in a pot, then bring to a scald.
2. Add the cream mixture into melted white chocolate, whisk until smooth.
3. Add butter, whisk until melted.
4. Cool it down at room temperature.

for the gelee
1. Whisk cream and sugar together, then fold in melted white chocolate.
2. Heat water to a boiling point, add carrageenan while whisking.
3. Whisk cream and chocolate mixture into hot water until blended.
4. Let it cool down completely before spoon into a chocolate cup.
5. Refrigerate until ready to use.

for the powder
1. Place both ingredients into a food professor.
2. Spin until the mixture has the texture of soil.
3. Store in a cool dry place until ready to use.I


joy said...

oh my, i love macaroons! these look mighty tasty :)

Zabaione said...

พี่ทิพย์ขยันจัง มีแต่ขนมสวยๆ น่าหม่ำตลอดเลยจ้ะ

Zita said...

Beatiful ... great flavor combo :)

Kevin said...

Black sesame and red bean sounds like great flavours for macaroons!

tara said...

I love the speckled appearance of these; great flavour combination as well. Cheers!

parsnips aplenty said...

My eyes are about to get stuck in their constant roll about this macaroon craze. But this one looks like something worth hanging on to! Very nice.

Vera said...

Thip, it's absolutely outstanding! It does sound like a serious science project, though :)

pook & house said...

Thip, just start off the interview with "I really want to work here or for you"... then ending with the similar dialog...

Sorry forgot that you were HR bigboss before.

I am sure you will bring some passion and energy into the room while talking to GM... Best of luck.

I am heading out to work...

Tartelette said...

Gorgeous as always...pretty as a nice piece of marble :)
I think using aged whites helps novice macarons makers in case they overfold a little bit.

Thip said...

Thank you, guys--for stopping by...

Snooky doodle said...

these look posh and nice. Your previous post is amazing. you re really talented.

pook & house said...

I get bored eating plain, basic macaroons.

Your macaroons look yummy.. Who would have thought redbean paste with Macaroons.

I am a big fan of Sadaharu Aoki. He blends Asian favor with classic technique like you.



Thip said...

Thanks, snooky doodle.

House, I'm the same way--I get bored with plain stuff. My philosophy of baking is the combination of classic and modern, be able to use new techniques and ingredients across the world.
BTW, I got a job. Yeah!!!

Anita said...

So beautiful - your macarons are patisserie worthy for sure!

Jennifer said...

where can i buy these, i need some immediately!!!

pook & house said...

Whoo Hoo... Congrat, Thip... Wow, what a great new.. You must be xcited!

I am happy for you. BUT I suggest you not to take SF subway home after your perfect first day at work.

That dude might be there ! :) hahaha

Vanillaorchid said...

P'Thip, I just back home last night ka.

Such a perfect both macaroons and red bean ganach ka. I'm sure that they get along very well ka.

The chocolate cup with white chocolate gel is fantastic as well ka P'Thip.

SteamyKitchen said...

I love it! wonderful combo of flavors. nice meeting you!

Thip said...

Thanks, guys...

Y said...

Very cute. My favourite is the middle photo. I love the speckled look of the sesame macarons.

teapot said...

OMG How gorgeous!

Patricia said...

Wow! I'm now addicted to macaroons after seeing this n immediately trying one of your recipes. hahaha. so sad.. my macaroons didn't look quite well :( it came flat after i put it out oven during cooling. and it didn't had those crinkle base..need some advice.. ;)

Thip said...

Patricia, try the one on I heart u macaroon post.


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