chocolate mousse sandwiches...

I make this mousse without gelatin and Italian meringue. The high percentage of cocoa butter in dark chocolate will help stabilize the mousse. There are several ways of preparing the mousse. For this recipe, I use Pate a Bombe as a base. Pate a Bombe is the term of foaming the egg yolks with hot syrup.

Sandwich the mousse with almond meringue, gives a different texture when compare with ice-cream sandwich that comes with the sponge cake. The combination of crunchy meringue and soft mousse is really good.

As Melly of One Messy Kitchen is hosting SHF# 46 this month, I like to join her my dessert. SHF event was created by Jennifer of Domestic Goddess.

yield 8 servings

for almond meringue
- 3 oz. egg whites
- 3 oz. sugar
- 3 oz. powdered almonds

for chocolate mousse
- 6 oz. Valrhona Manjari dark chocolate 64%
- 1 oz. orange liqueur
- 4 egg yolk
- 2.5 oz. simple syrup (equal part of water and sugar)
- 1 cup heavy cream, whip to soft peaks


for almond meringue
1. Whip the egg white to foam stage, then add 25% of sugar. Continue whipping to soft peaks.
2. Add the rest of sugar in addition, continue whipping to stiff peaks.
3. Fold in powdered almonds in 3 additional.
4. Using a pastry bag with plain tip #3, pipe the circles on the silicon mat by making spirals starting in the center of each circle.
5. Bake @ 250 degrees F for 15-20 minutes or until meringue is crisp and very lightly browned.

for chocolate mousse
1. Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie and cool to tepid.
2. To make Pate a Bombe : whip yolks to ribbon stage on high speed. Bring simple syrup to a boil and pour onto whipping yolks in thin stream.
3. Whip yolk mixture until cool and add liqueur.
4. Fold in melted chocolate.
5. Fold in whipped cream.
6. Pour or pipe into prepared molds, then freeze.
SHF # 46 @ Announcement


My Sweet & Saucy said...

Love the name! These look great!

Y said...

They look lovely! I should try mousse in my sandwiches some time.. I usually like ice cream.

Jude said...

Very nice. Love the meringue swirls!

Thip said...

Thanks, guys.


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