eat whole fish...

In Thailand, we like to eat whole fish--steam, bake, grill or deep-fried doesn't matter. However, my favorite way to cook whole fish is deep-fired because it's crispier. Score the fish all the way to the bones before deep-fired is the trick to make it even more crispy.
Learning how to eat whole fish might be difficult at the beginning if you've never done it. Once you get use to and know how to craft it, it becomes easier. Leaving the head on may irritate some people though. I grew up eating whole fish, making this dish today reminds me about Thailand, where we cook and serve whole fish as a traditional way to eat it.
When we were living in Bangkok, we often had this dish at one of our favorite restaurants. I didn't cook as much at that time. Until I moved here with Mark, no one has served this whole fish. So I started to make it at home. It is simple, but very delicious and tasty. All I have to do is deep fry the fish and herbs, then make a dressing.
- 1 whole fish, cleaned
- 10 kaffir lime leaves, split
- 5 garlic cloves, chopped
- 3 lemongrass, thinly sliced
- 5 dried chili
- 1/4 cup salted peanut
- 2 lime juice
- 1/2 ts. salt
- 1 ts. sugar
- 3 fresh Thai chilies, chopped
- cilantro for garnish

1. Season the fish with salt and pepper, dredge the fish in flour and deep fry in hot oil for 5-7 minutes each side. Remove from the oil and set aside.
2. Mix lime juice with salt, sugar and fresh chili. Set aside.
3. Deep fry kaffir lime, garlic, lemongrass, dried-chili and peanut until crispy.

1. Place the fish on the plate.
2. Add deep-fried herb over.
3. Drizzle with lime juice dressing.


Tastes of Home said...

hi there! thanks for dropping by :) We love to eat whole fish too though my hubby is American - he loves to fish so I guess he is not weirded out by eating whole fish! great pic - making my mouth water :)

Vanillaorchid said...

P'Thip, OMG I wanna have one like this for lunch ka. I seldom cook the whole fish here, it makes me miss home ka.

Y said...

My family always orders a similar deep fried fish whenever we go to Chinese restaurants. Always a crowd pleaser :)

Thip said...

Wow! you guys also eat whole fish--great.

Caroline said...

WOW, that some delicious-looking fish. Filipinos serve fish the same way, too! Heads and all. I always cook fish this way--my kids are so used to seeing whole fish at the dinner table. Makes me really proud. I know some people get weird about seeing fish heads on a plate.

Thip said...

I think we Asian love to eat whole fish, Caroline.


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