my 3rd daring bakers....

caramel cake with caramelized butter frosting...

November's challenge is host by Dolores of Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity, Jenny of Foray into Food and Brownie of Blondie and Brownie. The recipe is from the author Shuna Fish Lydon of Eggbeater. Her recipe is published on KQED Bay Area Bites.

I make it as an individual cake with apple tatin layer, pipe over the frosting and garnish with caramelized phyllo tuiles. I add along the apple tatin sauce, espresso-cardamom ice cream and caramel powder.
The cake is really sweet for me. To give some contrast, I add some lemon zest into the batter and frosting. The ice cream also helps balancing the sweetness of this dish.
By the way, I have left-over frosting which I use for the filling of macaroon in the next post. Check it out. :)

for the apple tatin
- 2 granny smith apples, cut into small cubes
- 500 g sugar
- 10 g lemon juice
- 125 g water

for the ice cream (adapt from Frozen Desserts by CIA)
espresso-cardamom infused milk:
- 7 g ground espresso
- 3 cardamom pods, toasted and cracked
- 270 g milk
ice cream base:
- 260 g espresso-cardamom infused milk
- 85 g heavy cream
- 80 g sugar
- 75 g yolks

for the powder (adapt from Alinea by Grant Achatz)
caramel base:
- 75 g sugar
- 70 g glucose
- 100 g heavy cream
- 20 g butter
caramel powder:
- 30 g caramel base
- 5 g tapioca maltodextrin

for the tuile
- 1 sheet phyllo dough
- 50 g fresh lemon juice
- 50 g honey
- 50 g butter


for the apple tatin
1. Bring sugar, lemon juice and water to a boil over high heat.
2. When the sugar begins to turn a pale yellow, add the apples and lower the heat to medium.
3. Continue to cook for 10 minutes, then remove from heat.
4. Drain and chill.

for the ice cream
1. To make espresso-cardamom infused milk; bring milk, espresso and cardamom to a boil. Remove from the heat, infuse for 10 minutes and strain.
2. Bring espresso-cardamom infused milk to a scald.
3. Whip yolks and sugar by hand, temper with hot milk and return to the heat over a bain-marie until reach 165 degrees F.
4. Strain and cool it down over an ice-bath.
5. Spin and Freeze.

for the powder
1. To make caramel base; bring sugar, glucose, cream and butter to 230 degrees F. Pour onto silpat, let cool to room temperature.
2. In food processor, combine caramel base with tapioca maltodextrin. Process until caramel base is absorbed.


Chocolate Shavings said...

What a beautiful cake, it must have been delicious with added ice cream!

Vanillaorchid said...

wow...it's very nice cake ka P'Thip. I can imagine how delicious it will be to eat with ice-cream ka.

Aran said...

i agree, it was too sweet for me too! but your cake looks great!

Tartelette said...

Love the idea of the apple tatin layer to contrast with the caramel! Agreed it was sweet and the citrus addition was a good call. Loved what you did this month!

Jo said...

Khun Thip, all I can say it's "It's so Beautiful" .. lovely pictures as always.

Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

Beautiful! I love how you put it all together and the addition of apple would be perfect. My favorite treat is caramel apples! And then ice cream. Wow.

CookiePie said...

Beautiful cake! I bet the apples really added to it nicely. I agree about the sweetness -- but it looks like you made the best of it!

Christy said...

Thip, how lovely!! I love how you've taken apart the components of the cake and put them back together in your own special way!! It's just so you!!

Thip said...

Thank you guys, for stopping by. I'm going to check your out too. ;)

Katie said...

Your cake looks stunning. Love the apple addition.

jillian said...

The apple sounds like a perfect addition to your stylish cake!

Zoe Francois said...

What a fun presentation!

Bex said...

so beautiful. Great work!

Jacque said...

It looks like a beautiful tropical flower on top, in sugar form, of course!

Those caramelized phyllo tuiles are so cool! Very creative!

prettytastycakes said...

So beautiful! The cardamom ice cream sounds like a lovely complement.

morgana said...

It looks really great! Apple... why didn't I think about it before? ;-) Good idea.

Sandra Avital said...

Beautiful as always! I love the idea of the apple tatin layer (i'm a huge fan of caramelized apples) but 500g of sugar for 2 apples seems way too much sugar!! Are you sure you meant 500g really??
And cardamon ice cream..?? OMG!

Thip said...

Yes, Sandra. I use 500 g of sugar (or 2 cups)with 2 apples.

Claire said...

That is just gorgeous! You did a fantastic job. Just goes to show that it doesn't need a lot of icing to be pretty.

BC said...

Now that is just gorgeous! I would have loved the citrus contrast, yum.

Vera said...

Very beautifully executed, Thip!

Dolores said...

Another stunning interpretation of the caramel cake. Thanks for baking with us.


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