my day-off...

I'm always busy in the kitchen even on my day-off, but I enjoy it. From top left, spicy Thai basil chicken with couscous, coconut-pandan sorbet with taro compote, lychee gelee with poached pear, Thai crab cakes, spicy noodle and honey-wasabi seared tuna.

Talking about working in the kitchen, I really enjoy making ice cream and sorbet. The flavors I make will never be found in any supermarket. Otherwise, what's the point. I feel like if I have to pay extra money to eat at the restaurant, I prefer something different, something that I couldn't get from my local groceries. Although I often get some questions like "Who made these crazy ice cream? or What the heck is this flavor? or I'm not sure this is my kind of flavor", I still feel like they need more flavors. :P

These questions make me smile every time I hear them. They tell me how people react to what they don't familiar with. This is why I like to introduce them new flavors. If it works, great. If it's not, fine. I always appreciate any comments and complains. :)


Vanillaorchid said...

They are fantastic and make me want to taste them ka.

I always love to see your new dishes that you create new flavour ka P'Thip.

pinkpeony said...

can you list the recipe for your noodle dish?? It looks great!

Thip said...

Thanks for the support, Om.

Pink, I dropped you the list on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Sawaddee kha Khun Thip,
Yes, like "pinkpeony" said, your noodle dish looks very yummy. And can I ask you a quick question? For the sticky rice and mango dessert - I heard that some people use "San-Som" (Is it called "Alum" in English?) to make the sticky rice clear when it's cooked. Is it true? How do you that? Thanks a lot kha. If you have time naka. Mitt

Thip said...


Like I said, "alum" can be toxic if you use it often or too much.

Some people soak the sticky rice with alum powder or alum crystal to maintain its shape so that it won't get soft during the cooking process.

Y said...

You should post pictures of your crazy flavoured ice creams. I'd love to see them :D


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