hazelnut nutella French macaroons...

I just love the combination of chocolate and hazelnut. They taste so good together. Here's another version of French macaroon with Nutella ganache. This time I use equal parts of almond flour and hazelnut flour.
BTW, I'm leaving for Thailand tomorrow--Hooray!!!


for the shell
- 67 g almond flour
- 67 g hazelnut flour
- 134 g powdered sugar
- 100 g aged egg whites, room temperature
- 134 g sugar
- 32 g water
- pinch of brown color

for the ganache
- 75 g heavy cream
- 75 g Nutella
- 75 g milk chocolate, chopped
see Hazelnut PralineFrench Macaroons



Thip said...

comment testing...

Vanillaorchid said...

I love the combination of Chocolate & Hazelnut too ka P'Thip. I have never succeeded in making hazelnut macaroons ka. Yours are so nice and perfect ka.

Vanillaorchid said...

Chai yo... finally I can post it ka.

Thank you ka.

Irene said...

Chocolate and hazelnut is a huge winner of a combo. Love the photo, so beautiful

Vera said...

Have a wonderful trip, Thip! Who doesn't like chocolate with hazelnuts :) The macaroons are flawless, as always!

s. stockwell said...

Another Nutella delight. we will make them! best, s

pookandhouse said...

have fun n' be safe, thip.

check out this book seller


Thip said...

Thanks, House. I already have some books on that list. :)

Thanks, guys.

Y said...

How pretty! Hope you have a great time in Thailand!

pook N' house said...

I really think you love Hazelnut as much as I do. There are quite a few baking recipe you did with Hazelnut. Imagine if I can lick 4 jars of nutella while watching a movie @ home, I don't know how many Macaroons I will chow down :D


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