basil parfait...

with basil gelee and basil foam...

Parfait is a frozen dessert, made of pate a bombe or cooked egg yolk foam and whipped cream, poured into a mold and frozen. I flavored the pate a bombe with basil water, poured into a glass and refrigerate.

2 servings

for the basil water
- 100 g basil leaves, blanched
- 150 g simple syrup
for the gelee
- 100 g basil water
- 1 sheet gelatin, bloomed
for the foam
- 100 g basil water
- 2 g lecithin
for the parfait
- 70 g yolks
- 45 g sugar
- 20 g basil water
-200 g whipped cream, soft peak

for the basil water

1. Blend blanched basil with simple syrup in a blender until fine.
2. Strain through cheesecloth.

for the gelee
1. Bring basil water to a boil.
2. Remove from the heat, add bloomed gelatin.
3. Let it cool down before pour over the parfait.

for the foam
1. Blend all ingredients together with immersion blender.
2. Reserve at room temperature until ready to use.

for the parfait
1. Mix sugar with enough water to make a wet-sandy paste, cook to 239 degrees F on high heat.
2. While cooking sugar, whisk egg yolks until the color is pale. Pour cooked sugar into egg yolks in thin stream while whisking on high speed. Continue whisking the pate a bombe to ribbon stage.
3. Once it cool, fold in whipped cream.
4. Cover and refrigerate until set.


pook N' house said...

To answer your previous question, I am fine, just overworked and exhausted sometimes. Kinda waking up everyday feel like hit by a truck. sored and arching as usual.

Pook will be here on April 4. She will spend a day staging @ the restaurant as well...in pastry department. But her whole family will come along :( I do love them but just want to see/spend time with her going places alone.

what is that yellow flower used as garnish on Basil Foam, Thip?

Thip said...

I understand. :D

That's micro orchid.

Rasa Malaysia said...

It's funny, everytime I see foam, I think of Marcel from Top Chef 2. Not sure if you watch it. LOL.

Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

That looks amazing! So Spring-like.

Thip said...

I think I missed that one, Bee.

Thanks, Shari.


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