pistachio French macaroons...

Last week, I had dinner with my CCA friends at Chez Papa. There was a big surprise as one of my friends who recently moved from Montreal to Vancouver, came down to visit us for a few weeks.

It's been a year and a half since the graduation. I've been in touch with a few friends and we're all still working in pastry industry. I wonder though, how many of our classmates keep working in this field.

Although I support people who can effort to attend the school, it's hard for me to recommend them CCA. The program itself is good, but the way they manage the school is not. They need to be more concern about how they accept the students at the first place. Some of those students do slow you down in classes and may cause a poor reputation for all of us after that. A good reputation is about the quality, is valuable than money. As long as they understand this and willing to maintain its value, who wouldn't want to join the school.

Anyway, my friend asked me if I can make pistachio French macaroon and post it. Here's the recipe.


for the shell
- 17 g pistachio flour
- 50 g almond flour
- 67 g powdered sugar
- 50 g aged egg whites, room temperature
- 67 g sugar
- 16 g water
- pinch of green color

for the filling- 50 g heavy cream
- 30 g pistachio flour
- 75 g white chocolate
- 10 g unsalted butter, room temperature
- pinch of green color

see Hazelnut-Nutella French Macaroons


Anonymous said...

I love macaroons so please keep posting more flavours.I am sure going to try this soon.

Heather said...

I heard that the chocolate macaroons is the hardest to master, is it true? and do you have a good recipe for it?

Anonymous said...

What about the pastry field makes you unsure your classmates will continue in it? I'm thinking about going to pastry school myself, but the expense/benefit ratio is a concern.


Manggy said...

Gosh Thip your RSS feed suddenly worked out of the blue! Yay! What did you do?
Anyway-- not getting into the workings of the culinary school (even if you turned out pretty good, right? :), but those macarons look beautiful!

Thip said...

Heather, I use Pierre Herme' recipe. It doesn't make any different for me to make chocolate or pistachio. They are delicate and hard to make them perfectly. Pls check the recipe on my first macaroon post in cookie catagory

Lore, one thing we have to accept before we get into this industry is low pay with hard working. People who keep doing this job is because they like what they are doing. Make sure you really want to do it for a living before investing your time, money and energy into it. I can say that many of my classmates didn't know what they really want to do, so they were not serious in classes and then they end up not qualified for the job. So I think the unsure thing is about ourself, not the industry.

Thip said...

I think the schedule post cause the problem, Mark.
p.s. A lot of work before I get to this point. :)

Sophie said...

These are lovely. I've never used ground pistachios before! They really give the macaroons a gorgeous color :).

Y said...

Beautiful colour on those macarons, Thip!

Vanillaorchid said...

I like pistachio ka P'Thip!

Your macaroons are beautiful and I love this green colour ka.


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