Thai boxing...

If you don't mind the violence, Thai boxing or Muay Thai is an interesting martial art to watch. The unique traditional musical, the boxing dance ceremony that performs at the beginning of each match and the boisterous people around the stadium.
Each match has five rounds, each round has three minutes to fight and two minutes breaks between rounds. Fighters have to wear gloves and wrap their feet with tape. Baer feet are also acceptable. They are allowed to kick the opponent on the neck, elbow hits to the face and knee hooks to the ribs. Injuries do not automatically stop the match, depending on how serious they are.

Although I am Thai, I never been to the stadium. Thai boxing is our national sport, so we can watch it at home. Since Mark and I had a lot of time this trip, we decided to watch Thai boxing at the stadium. There were ten matches, but we only watched until match 7 which was the marquee match. This match was really brutal as the prize money was high. We didn't feel like continue watching the brutal. Like I said; if you don't mind the violence, attend to the stadium is worth experience.


eleonora said...

Je passe pour te remercier beaucoup de ta gentillesse et comme nous sommes samedi, je te souhaite un super week-end….chez nous, c’est la pluie.

Vanillaorchid said...

I have never been to the stadium for watching Thai boxing ka P'Thip.

pook N' house said...

BTW, guess where my dad took my mom out on the first date? A boxing match. Brutally romantic.... not exactly. But it was his profession.


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