giant chocolate French macaroons...

My friend came over this morning and we play around with sphere, caviar and French macaroon. I wanted to make a giant chocolate French macaroon since someone emailed me about this specific ones a few days ago. She wondered if I have a recipe that will always work or never fail.

I started with the ratio that I normally use and baked them at different temperatures with different times. The result, the ones I baked at 300 degrees F (without a fan inside the oven) for 12 minutes came out the best. If using the oven with fan, lower the temperature to 285 degrees F. The diameter of the shell was 3". I tested this recipe three times and the results were the same, so I can say that this recipe will work every time I make it.

I also showed my friend the secret behind my photography. Nothing is fancy, just two tripod, platform, wax paper, Styrofoam and a camera.


Paring chocolate with blue cheese was a fun project. Tell the truth, I started eating cheese a few years ago and blue cheese wasn't my favorite. It was too much to handle, the flavor and the smell. However, I have to say that this combination has change my idea about blue cheese. It can be delicious when you pair it with the right choice. By the way, I'm looking for cheese & wine paring book. Any suggestions would be great.


for the shell
- 57 g almond flour
- 10 g cocoa powder, Dutch-processed
- 67 g powdered sugar
- 50 g aged egg whites
- 67 g sugar
- 16 g water

for the ganache
- 80 g heavy cream
- 30 g blue cheese
- 125 g white chocolate
- 25 g unsalted butter


for the macaroon
see Hazelnut-Nutella French Macaroons

for the caviar
for the sphere


Audrey Wong said...

HI :)

I think your work is awesomee. You're creating such wonderful desserts and I think I want to try them out soon once I get back to my hometown where the kitchen is. You have such great gift I wish I can follow your pathway.

Btw. You said : The diagram of the macaroon was 3"

I think you meant diameter?


Thip said...

thank you, Audrey.
Yes, I meant to say diameter. Thanks for that. ^^

Stef said...

Love the idea of chocolate with blue cheese. What an interesting combo!

morgana said...

:o :o :o :o Blue cheesse ganache?!!! I must try this.

Thank you!!!

Henry said...

Your photos are delicious!!
I'm on a detox at the moment but am looking forward to some giant chocolate macaroons when I finsh.
Love Henry

Engineer Baker said...

Wow, that is one *giant* macaron. I tend to make itsy bitsy ones (makes them last longer :) ), but I love the size contrast there. The blue cheese add is definitely intriguing, although I'm not sure my taste buds could handle it :)

Heather said...

Hi Thip,
Thank you for the chocolate macaroon recipe.I never combined blue cheese and chocolate before in one recipe but I think it is an interesting combination, worth trying especially that I am a big fan of both.

Thip said...

I bet you will like this ones, Heather.

Engineer Baker, I'm not a fan either, but I can handle this ones.

Morgana, please.

Henry, don't forget to eat it with blue cheese. :)

Thanks, Stef.

Y said...

Look gorgeous, Thip! I love blue cheese, so I must try your ganache recipe! :)

Kyra Ames, Livingston MT said...

I just came across your blog and your food photography is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The food as well, sounds wonderful.

Meng said...

I love your behind-the-scene pix. Wow Fool-proof recipe! Love it!

Thip said...

You will love it, Y. :)

Thanks, Kyra.

Meng, thanks for stopping by.


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