sticky rice mango...

I got two Champagne mangoes from Mexico at Asian market last week. They looked very firm, so I let them sit at room temperature for a few days until they riped.

I've made this dessert many times since it's my favorite Thai dessert. Most of the time, I use Manila mango. Unfortunately, it's not quite sweet enough to me. Champagne mango seems to have a sweeter and better taste when paring with sticky rice.

Most Thai restaurants have this on their dessert menu. Usually, they don't serve it with ice-cream, but I think coconut ice-cream or mango ice-cream would be a perfect accompany for this dessert.

Recipe and preparation:
see Thai Sticky Rice Mango


Heather said...

Hi Thip,
That looks delicious,wow I think mango and coconut will be good together.I want to try to make pad thai for dinner this weekened and this dessert is going to complete the menu for me.thanks.

pook N' house said...

Thip, I honestly don't know if there is such a book existed. Here is the suggestion. I took and passed the first level of Master Court of Sommelier. I did ask Doug Frost the question and from what I studied and own experience. Choose wine coming from the same region the cheese is produced.

Just simple rule. What grown together, go together.

Shoot me any questions if needed. And please stop posting THAI DESSERT :D It makes me dying to go home and Mango n' Sticky rice happen to be my dad's favorite :D


pook N' house said...

By the way, I read couple sites before Check out two of these search. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=cheese+and+wine+pairings&aq=0&oq=cheese+and+wine+pa

The one called Goumet Sleuth and wine intro.com are not chubby at all.

Anyway, just simple rule as well.. Stinky pungent cheese won't go together with complex wine but sweet wine. Bleu cheese class( Gorgonzola, Roufort, etc) go really well with port, maidera, sautern or sherry.

Let say when you bake sweet or savory cheese cake or cheese tart, you will pair it with port reduction, honey, fig jam...right?

Thip said...

Thanks, House. I bookmark the link you gave me.

I didn't know you like Thai food, Heather. :)

Vanillaorchid said...

P'Thip.... I plan to do this one from your recipe as well ka. I will make this dessert in sushi style as you did for sticky rice with durian ka. Now I'm thinking to put coconut or mango ice-cream accompany as you said ka.

Thank you na ka P'Thip. ^O^

Y said...

That looks delicious. I love sticky rice with mango.

Vera said...

I will definitely make it one day, it must be delicious!

Meng said...

looks looks simply delicious and I agree with you that coconut icecream would go well with this dessert!

Lum Mun Meng

Thip said...

Thanks for stopping by guys. :)

armandosolis said...

i think this is not the real manila/Philippine mango, they just branded it as manila mango but mostly its from mexico. if you could only taste the real Philippine mango you will know the difference coz i did. but anyway i like your posting :) kind a delicious want to try it.

Rasa Malaysia said...

In Malaysia, we eat this with durian!

Thip said...

Hmm, really--it's not from Phillipines. :(

Bee, we eat this with durian also. :)


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