jasmine-coconut panna cotta...

Panna cotta is not the kind of dessert I'd like to make. The texture tends to be rubbery. May be I never found a good recipe--that's why.
Here's my friend's recipe. Her panna cotta has a rich flavor with soft and silky in texture, custard-like pudding that I like. I adapted her recipe by substitute some cream with coconut milk and soy milk, then flavor it with jasmine extract. I think I'm going to make pandan panna cotta next time.
makes 4 servings
- 200 g coconut milk
- 200 g soy milk
- 100 g heavy cream
- 100 g sugar
- 2 sht gelatin, bloomed
- 1 tsp jasmine extract
- some cereal for sprinkle
1. Bring coconut milk, soy milk, heavy cream and sugar to a boil.
2. Remove from the heat, add bloomed gelatin and jasmine extract.
3. Cool the mixture down in an ice-bath.
4. Pour into prepared molds, refrigerate.


Manggy said...

I suppose those restaurants could be educated to increase the fat and decrease the gelatin... But I have to confess, rubbery or not rubbery, I love all panna cotta! :)

Jo said...

Jasmine and coconut .. such an interesting combination of flavours. Sounds really refreshing.

Dominique said...

I dont't know where I'll find jasmine extract, but I'll try this recipe, perhaps changing with another flavor!

postcollegecook said...

I just have to comment and say hi... I've been enjoying your blog for a while now. And by enjoying, I mean drooling over your wonderful photography!

In all honesty, just about everything you make is beyond my experience level, but I love just staring and your beautiful photos! thanks :)

Thip said...

hmm...not rubbery ones for me, Mark.

It's kind of common in Thailand, Jo. :)

Dominique, you can use any flavor you like. I bought the extract from Asian market in case you want to check it out.

Thank you, Postcollegecook. This recipe is really easy and delicious, you should try it. :)

bake in paris said...

Love pannacotta, would definitely have to change jasmine extract with something else. As you know, we don't really have that much option in Bangkok :<


Vanillaorchid said...

coconut panna cotta with jasmine flavour.... wowwwwww...

Dr. H. Michael Brown said...

Love, love, love your blog ! I struggled with rubbery panna cotta until I was shown the secret...Gelatin *sheets* ! They make all the difference between a rubbery and perfectly creamy delicious panna cotta. I can't wait to try your Jasmine-Coconut variety ! Here's a link to some sheets:


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