raspberry and mint pre-dessert...


for the gelee
- 200 g fresh raspberry
- 40 g water
- 20 g sugar
- 1 sheet gelatin, bloomed

for the parfait
- 100 g mint leaves, blanched
- 150 g simple syrup
- 70 g yolks
- 45 g sugar
- 20 g mint water
-200 g whipped cream, soft peak


for the gelee
1. Bring raspberry, water and sugar to a simmer, stir constantly. Remove from the heat and strain through cheesecloth. Discard solids and reserve liquid.
2. Bring 100 g. raspberry juice to a boil.
3. Remove from the heat, add bloomed gelatin sheet and stir until dissolved.
4. Pour into prepared tube mold lined with acetate.
5. Refridgerate until set.

for the parfait
1. Blend blanched mint with simple syrup in a blender until fine. Strain through cheesecloth.
2. Mix sugar with enough water to make a wet-sandy paste, cook to 239 degrees F on high heat.
3. While cooking sugar, whisk egg yolks until the color is pale. Pour cooked sugar into egg yolks in thin stream while whisking on high speed. Continue whisking to ribbon stage.
4. Once it cool, fold in whipped cream.
5. Put into a piping bag, pipe into prepared tube lined with acetate.
6. Refrigerate until set.


amritac said...

pretty pretty! What a great idea for Mothers' Day!

pixen said...

I love raspberry and I used to fight with the birds to be the first to pick them. In Europe it's one of those expensive fruits and my family was lucky to have this old raspberry tree for the last 60 years which never failed to give us several kilos of it - provided we're the first before the birds.

Your Raspberry roll looked like a precious cut of garnet.. :-) The color also reminded me of Tam Thim Grob.

I really love your ideas of using molecular gastronomy. I'm looking forward to more... Thank you for sharing!

Thip said...

Thanks, Amritac.

Wow, tub-tim-grob. :)
p.s. raspberry is expensive here too, Pixen. Luckly you to have the tree on your backyard.

Kim - Easy French Food said...

You pulled me in with the idea of pre-dessert. That means there's more to come, right? What an original and nice looking treat this is.

Jo said...

Wow! THis is soo amazing!
We don't get rasberries easily here, I'd love to try this.

Jo said...

A delicious sounding recipe and an incredible presentation.

Heather said...

Looks delicious and elegant too.

Vanillaorchid said...

P'Thip ka... you are a wonderful artist ka. ^O^

pratiksha wassan said...

i love ur recipes,only drawback is v dont get raspberries in india. wat do v substitute it with?2ndly,can u give a pic of ur tube mould,and how to line it with acetate??

Thip said...

Pratiksha, you can use any berries. The tube I used is made from clear acrylic. It's about 0.5 inch diameter and 5 inch long. I cut the acetate into 2 x 5.5 inch, then manage the acetate to fit inside the tube. Close the bottom of the tube with plastic wrap and secure it tightly. Now you can pipe the parfait/gelee into the tube, then freeze.
p.s. sorry, I don't have the picture.

Pratiksha wassan said...

Can I have the pic,pls? It was too beautiful,but cant see now.


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