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I've learned that French macaroon doesn't need to be set to form the skin before going into the oven. Is that weird? However, he makes it work.

His technique is to make a mass of almond flour, powdered sugar and egg white, then fold in the meringue. French or Italian meringue will work for this recipe, but Italian meringue will hold its shape better and good for a big batch. Any type of oven will work fine.
I'm going to try his recipe soon and take some more notes before giving the recipe here. Before that, I'd like to give some tips that my friend, LY, took some notes from the demo while I was taking photos. Thanks to LY. :)

*Before piping, check for:
- Shine
- Slowly spreads
- Holds shape
*Checking for doneness – Lightly jiggle the shell
- Should not slide off
- Should move slightly
- Should spring back
* Priority:
- Color
- Texture
*Multiple Batches
– Scale 315 g of Italian meringue per “Mass”
*Other Tips:
- Unpasteurized egg whites
- Leaving egg whites out over night uncovered allows for water evaporation and concentration of protein = shinier product
- Use flavorings with low moisture content; oil, extract, powder.
- Bake on two sheet pans (Keeps the heat away from the bottom longer allowing the foot to develop)


bake in paris said...

Thip, the fact that you want to share all this demo means a lot to all the "little mac" lovers out there, including me! :-)


Manggy said...

Excellent tips, Thip! Thanks so much!! :) (I prefer Italian meringue myself :)

Heather said...

I can't wait for the new recipe.
LY,Thank you for the notes.

Anonymous said...

mine for some reason never turn out, but I will try again! I was jsut wondering...is there a specific type of sheet pan I should use for macarons? I noticed in all .com pictures these seem to be textured and light in colour


Lee said...

What is a good email for you?

Thip said...

You're welcome, Kris & Mark.

Heather, I'll post it tomorrow.

Anony, use the aluminum ones and lined with silicon mat or parchment paper.

Lee, please check out my profile.

Vanillaorchid said...

Thank you so much ka P'Thip for sharing the demo ka.

Y said...

Love that picture of the people peering into the oven. That's exactly what I do whenever I bake macarons..hehe

Thip said...

me too, y... :D

ไก่ปิ้ง said...

Khun Thip,
Haven't visit your blog for a long time ... been missing your nice work always...
First of all, I have to say it out loud that ....I heart u!!!!!
You'll have no idea how much this demo means to me... seriousely since these macaroon is always my obsession! I haven't made it for a long time ...8 months I guess coz up here ( @Doi Maesalong ) it's been rain like always and forever!! and once I know that the shells don't need to sit at room temperature to form skins I started making it right away as soon as I finished reading your post! and you know what ....
I heart u!!!!! , I heart Macaroon!!!

Thip said...

Congrats, ไก่ปิ้ง

I'm glad you were be able to make it. I really like this recipe too. :)

ally said...

hi, is almond flour also known as ground almond??

Thip said...

yes, same thing..

feedme said...

Hi there! I'm very impressed with your macarons! and I'd like to find out how do you manage to maintain the white colour on your macarons without them browning?


Thip said...

feedme, double the sheet pan will help.

feedme said...

hi thip! thanks - i never knew doubling the baking sheet would keep the tops of the macarons from browning! may i ask which level in the oven do you place your baking pan at?


Thip said...

High heat will make the shells brown too.

I place the baking tray on the top rack that far away from heat. Normally the heat comes from the bottom. When you double the pan, bake them half way through. For example, if you want to bake themfor 10 minutes, remove the outter pan after 5 minutes pass then continue baking with a single pan for 5 more minutes.

feedme said...

hey thip, thanks so much for your tips! I will try them out this weekend :) Am thinking of making mango sticky rice flavoured macarons :)

Thip said...

Cool! :)


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