bite size beignets...

Beignet is a fried yeast dough that come in square or ball shape. It is similar to a doughnut, but a bit lighter in texture.

make 15-20

- 120 g bread flour
- 1 g baking powder
- 6 g instant yeast
- 1 egg
- 10 g sugar
- 2 g salt
- 1 lemon zest
- 2 g vanilla extract
- 40 g milk, warm to 110F
- 25 g shortening


1. Mix flour, baking powder and yeast in a mixer bowl.
2. Whisk egg, sugar, salt, lemon zest and vanilla together in a bowl.
3. Pour the egg mixture into dry ingredients, mix well with dough hook.
4. Add warm milk, then shortening, mix until the dough comes together to a ball
5. Remove the dough from the mixer and turn out onto greased surface, cover with plastic wrap and rest for 15 minutes.
6. Roll the dough out on a lightly floured surface to 1/2" thickness.
7. Using 1-1/4" circle cookie cutter, cut into circles.
8. Proof for 30 minutes or until double in size.
9. Heat the oil to 350 degrees F, fry the beignets until golden brown on both sides.
10. Remove from the oil, then coat with sugar mixture (sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg).


Anonymous said...

They look DELICIOUS!!!!

Luli said...

Sailed by your blog and found it wonderful, I got water in his mouth and a great desire to cook.

Oh Sorry have not introduced myself, my name is Ana Carolina, live in Brazil and I have 23 years.

I'm taking classes in English, or can not communicate very well yet, but will be visiting your page whenever possible (with dictionary or google translator! = D)

Congratulations you are very talented!

Carol Palange

Bee Yinn said...

I just came back from Hawaii and had lots of malassadas, the Portuguese cousin of Beignets. So good. I usually just cheat by frying up my Pillsbury.

ABowlOfMush said...

So cute!

TasteHongKong said...

Lovely pictures. I mean picture'S'.

morgana said...

Wow! They look really yummy. I want to try fried doughs some day, and these beignets look great. I'll keep your recipe in mid.

Vanillaorchid said...

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Julia @ Mélanger said...

Ohhhhh, I LOVE the beignet! When I lived in Boston, I tried to visit a few difference places around the USA. One stop was New Orleans. An amazing city. When there, I had to try the famous beignets from Cafe Du Monde. I was so excited that I created a beignet dance. Even though that was about 7 years ago now, I remember that day vividly now. You've just brought that memory back! :)

Thip said...

Thanks, Anony, Abowlofmush, TasteHongKong, Morgana.

Luli--don't worry, English is not my first language either. :)

Bee, I'm sure that any fried doughs taste great.

อุ้ม, ทำเลย ไม่ยาก อร่อยด้วยนะ

Julia, I didn't try beignets when I was in New Orleans 5 yrs ago. :(

Lucy said...

Just found your blog through a bit of Tastespotting browsing, and love it! These beignets look gorgeous and I think I would be able to enjoy way too many very quickly :)

vysh said...

wow! wonderful blog.
The beignet looks yummy. i just want to grab it.


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