New York...

the city that never sleeps...

A week vacation in New York was excellent, I explored many things that I missed from my first trip six years ago and ate so much food this time. I wasn't into food industry back then, just started it when I got out from CCA. I still have a long list to check out when I have a chance to go back there next time.
New York is the most vibrant city I've ever been, full of energy and enthusiasm. The varieties of culture and language lead to a great destination for food. Since I work in the food industry, my top priority was to check out New York food.
I was spending my day time searching for good patisseries and night time dining out at some top restaurants. My list to go for pastries was Bouchon, Financier Patisserie, LadyM and Chickalicious. No disappoint for all these patisseries, except I didn't have a chance to do the tasting dessert at Chickalicious. However, I did try more pastries at Magnolia Bakery, some macarons,truffles and dark hot chocolate at La Maison, and pumpkin bread pudding at Sweet Melissa in Brooklyn. If I only have two choices to go, I'd choose Bouchon for pastries and LadyM for cakes.
I tried to make a reservation at Le Bernardin and Jean-Georges, I should have known that things can't be done at the last minute--oh well! My friends made a reservation at Daniel and commerce, so we went. Commerce did a good job, compared to what I expect. On the other hand, I'd give Daniel a one and a half star because my fish was overcooked.
I went to check Alex Stupak, a pastry chef at WD-50. Five course tasting dessert was fantastic. My favorite was the soft chocolate, the one on the last row in the picture. I didn't make a reservation since my friend told me that I can just walk in and sit at the bar--so I did. I also went to their kitchen and met the Chefs--not sure they were shy, busy or just a New Yorker' style.
By the way, I noticed that there were many Japanese restaurants in New York. I ended up having ramen, fried tofu and chicken katsu two nights in a row. I also had lunch at Balthazar, I think it's overated. Pizza at Grimaldi in Brooklyn was delicious. Wow! I can't believe I write this long. :)

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