mont blanc...

- chocolate chiffon
- poached pears
- chestnut cream
- poached pear reduction sauce
- chicory tuile

4 servings

for the chiffon
dry ingredients:
- 125 g all purpose flour
- 20 g cocoa powder
- 100 g sugar
- 5 g baking powder
- 2 g salt
wet ingredients:
- 5 egg yolks
- 60 g oil
- 90 g milk
- 3 g lemon extract
French meringue:
- 5 egg whites
- 50 g sugar

for the chestnut cream
- 100 g unsalted butter, softened
- 100 g chestnut paste

for the tuile
- 200 g glucose
- 100 g isomalt
- 100 g sugar
- 100 g brioche crumbs
- 20 g chicory powder

for the poached pears
see poached pears


for the chiffon
1. Sift all dry ingredients together in a big bowl.
2. Whisk all wet ingredients together in a small bowl.
3. Mix wet ingredients into dry ingredients.
4. Make French meringue to firm peaks.
5. Fold in 25% of meringue, to lighten the batter.
6. Fold in the rest of meringue.
7. Pour into ungreased 8" cake pan, lined with parchment paper.
8. Bake at 325 degrees for 35-40 minutes.
9. Let it cool in the pan, then unmold.
10.Using 3" diameter cookie cutter, cut chiffon into 4 circles.

for the chestnut cream
1. Cream the butter with chestnut paste in a mixer until smooth.
2. Place into a piping bag with spaghetti tip.

for the tuile
1. Cook glucose, isomalt and sugar to 300F.
2. Remove from heat, stir in brioche crumbs and chicory powder.
3. Spread over the silpat, let it cool completely at room temperature.
4. Break into small pieces, grind in a robot coupe.
5. Sprinkle the mixture over the silpat, make sure the layer is thick enough to hold its shape after baking at 350F for 3 minutes.

for the poached pears


1. Cut poached pears into small cubes.
2. Using 1" diameter cookie cutter, cut a small hole out of each chiffon.
3. Place each chiffon on the plate, arrange cubed pears inside the hole.
4. Pipe the chestnut cream on top. Spoon some reduction sauce around.
5. Garnish with tuile, cocoa nibs and mints.


Manggy said...

Can you believe I've never tasted creme de marrons before? I think I have got to remedy that stat, starting with this beauty :)

House/J said...

i love anything noodle alike. topping looks yummy. sound delicious.

Gala said...

great presentation!

demonchef said...

presentation is great but it needs a sauce.

Thip said...

Me either, Mark. :)

I need a new tip to pipe this noodle-alike, House. The one I used is too small. :(

Thanks, Gala.

Demon, it had a sauce. But I wanted to focus on the cake, so the sauce was out of the frame.

chriesi said...



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