chestnut sponge cake...

and chocolate mousse...

My boss was curious about baking a cake in a microwave, so she asked me if I know how to do it. I started with chocolate cake from Linda's recipe. It came out great, texture and taste were awesome. Then I adapted her recipe by using chestnut paste instead of chocolate. I cut down the amount of sugar since the paste was already sweet. I was happy with the outcome even though the cake smelled a bit eggy. This cake can be keep in airtight container at room temperature up for two days. Make sure the cake is cool completely before you put the lid on. What I like about this cake is the texture--super moist and spongy. However, to get to this result, the ratio of sugar and the baking time are concern.


for the mousse
- 250 g heavy cream, soft peak
- 3 yolks
- 50 g sugar
- 20 g glucose syrup
- 40 g egg whites
- 1 g salt
- 20 g sugar
- 130 g dark chocolate, melted & warm
- 30 g chocolate liqueur


1.Whisk yolks, sugar and glucose over a bain-marie until sugar is dissolved, then switch to a mixer and whip until light.
2. Mix yolk mixture into melted chocolate along with liqueur and some whipped cream. Mix them together very quickly until smooth.
3. Fold in the rest of whipped cream.
4. Make French meringue to firm peak, then fold into the chocolate mixture.
4. Place into a piping bag, pipe into prepared molds.
5. Freeze.


Tiny bakery said...

กำลังอ่านคำบรรยายแล้วนึกรสชาติตามค่ะพี่ทิพย์ อิอิ

Susan from Food Blogga said...

That is the most wonderfully curious little morsel.

Vanillaorchid said...

ว้าววว น่าทานมาก ๆ เลยค่ะพี่ทิพย์ อุ้มชอบทานเจ้าลูกเกาลัคเป็นทุนอยู่แล้วด้วย ทั้งชอคทั้งเกาลัค ของชอบเลยค่ะ

ไม่ได้มาหาพี่ทิพย์สักพักเลย พอดีช่วงนี้อุ้มยุ่งมาก ๆ เลย แต่คิดถึงพี่ทิพย์เสมอน๊าค๊า


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