chocolate duo...

We'll be serving this chocolate duo for dinner at Luce for the event "Dine About Town".


for dark chocolate mousse
- 350 g dark chocolate
- 60 g orange liqueur
- 1 orange zest
- 7 egg yolks
- 150 g simple syrup
- 500 g heavy cream

for white chocolate mousse
- 260 g white chocolate
- 185 g milk
- 7 g gelatin powder
- 65 g water
- 500 g heavy cream
- 1/2 vanilla bean, split and scraped

for chocolate crumbs
see Chocolate Dessert


for dark chocolate mousse
1. Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie and cool to tepid.
2. Whip the cream to soft peaks.
3. Bring simple syrup to a boil.
4. Making a pate a bombe by whipping yolks with hot syrup.
5. Add liqueur and zest.
6. Fold melted chocolate into yolk mixture, followed by all the whipped cream.
7. Pipe into prepared glasses, then refrigerate.

for white chocolate mousse
1. Whip the cream to soft peaks.
2. Bloom gelatin in water for 5 minutes, then heat to 110 degrees.
3. Scald milk and vanilla bean and pour over chocolate to melt.
4. Stir in the bloomed and heated gelatin.
5. Chill over ice bath until uniformly gelatinous.
6. Fold in whipped cream.
7. Pipe over dark chocolate mousse, then refrigerate.

for chocolate crumbs
see Chocolate Dessert


Elra said...

Hi Thip,
wow, I am just so happy to discover your blog. Lovely photos, and full of delicious recipes. This chocolate duo is no exception. Very tempting looking!

Vanillaorchid said...

ตามมาขอหม่ำที่บล้อคอีกครั้งค่ะพี่ทิพย์ น่ารัก และน่าหม่ำมากเลยค่ะ อยากขอยกกลับบ้านทั้งถ้วยเลย

Sweetsonian said...

Your blog is amazing. I enjoy it so much!

Vanillaorchid said...

พี่ทิพย์ค่ะ เมื่อวานลืมบอกพี่ทิพย์ค่ะว่าอุ้มได้รับการ์ดแล้วค่ะ ขอบคุณพี่ทิพย์และคุณมาร์คมาก ๆ ค่ะ

สูตรไข่ใส่ไก่และพริกแกงของพี่ทิพย์ตอนนี้เป็นสูตรอร่อยประจำบ้านอุ้มแล้วค่ะ ทำบ่อยมาก และแฟนอุ้มก้อชอบมาก ๆ ด้วยค่ะ


Nirmala said...

A very happy and prosperous New year to you! This dessert cup looks exotic. You have artistically layered the white and dark chocolate mossues. If u would have given a vertical shot we would have enjoyed it more! I am drooling at the idea!

Manggy said...

Happy new year Thip! I love mousses that are cream-based, as you know :) I hope the event was a success!
By the way, I blogged about my Luce experience already :)

Thip said...

I'm checking ur post right now, Mark :)

Lynn said...

totally YUM!


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