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It's our last day in Paris today. We're going to Rome this afternoon. Hopefully, we won't have any problem with our flight since the air traffic controllers are still on strike.

Since we landed, we haven't had a great meal yet. It's weird because we expected we could get any great meal anywhere in Paris. The good thing is there are many patisseries/boulangeries at every corner. You can't go wrong with macaron, baguette and croissant here. Finding macaron here was our fun part, we stopped by Laduree, Fauchon and Pierre Herme. My favorite macarons were green apple from Laduree, raspberry-rose from Fauchon, and balsamic vinegar from Pierre. I have to say that they all have the perfect combination of subtle sweetness. The only different is the way they present their product. I love how Pierre understand the perfection in presentation. Every piece of his dessert is a work of art--keen and neat.

By the way, we had the best coffee yesterday. Guess where we had it, not at the French or Italian cafe though. Our best coffee was at Starbucks--I'm serious. Although there are great local cafes all over the city, the coffee seems too strong for us. It's also very expensive. We paid almost $30 for four cups of espresso--yikes! Don't get me wrong, I agree that French  and Italian coffee are way better than Starbucks. I think the main reason was we didn't feel comfortable enough to enjoy our coffee in a tiny area that we had to squeeze ourself in to sit.

It's been raining every day and I still haven't got over the jet-lag. Anyway, I want to have a cup of coffee with the best croissant this morning before I leave Paris. Mark and I didn't have dinner last night because we were so tired after a long walk around the city. I slept right away when we got to our hotel at 6 p.m. and woke up at 4 a.m this morning. :)

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