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I always wonder how people live and spend their life in different parts of the world. Learning to see the world through people and their cultures gives me information. In my opinion, to live together peacefully, it's necessary to understand the differences.

My first trip started from France to Italy with my husband. We spent 2 weeks in Paris, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice and Dijon. To me, Paris is one of the most diverse city in the world. My best memorable in Paris is the sounds of a French woman begging for money in the train. I know it sounds funny, but her voice was really peaceful and pleasant. French is a beautiful language--very melodious. In Italy, Florence and gelato are my favorite. Although French and Italian are the world famous cuisine, I didn't really care about the food for this trip since my main focus was on cultural and photography. I can share about the pastries, but do not ask me about the food. :)

My second trip was with my sister and her husband. Our main destination was Barcelona, Spain. We drove from Dijon to Avignon, then Barcelona. We did check out one of the top medieval castles in France at Palais des Papes, Avignon. Driving from town to town was fun and exciting. One of the most beautiful scenery and landscape was from Barcelona to Andorra. There is no doubt that Barcelona is a popular destination. History, a diverse people and an incredible mix of cultures make Barcelona a great city to visit. However, I enjoyed the countryside of Spain better than a major city like Barcelona. 

On the way back, we drove to Toulouse and Saint Malo, then back to Dijon. We spent 8 days for this trip. It was the best trip I've done so far. We only spent a day at Toulouse, the fourth largest city in France and is home to Armagnac and fois gras. At St Malo, walking on the ramparts of the walls was quite impressive. Because I can get the splendid views of the town and beach at the same time. Although it wasn't the best month, the weather was really nice--sunny and windy, great for windsurfing! I would definitely plan to windsurf if I go back there. St Malo was a home of the Corsairs, the pirates who work for the King of France. At Mont St Michel, the architecture was spectacular. The feel as I walk up the narrow streets to the top of the castle brought me back to the past. If you plan to visit St. Michel, be sure to try their crepe andd cider wine "Kir Breton".

All in all, this trip is one of the greatest experience I've had. I'll blog about some travel tips later.  I'm still in France to explore more food and pastries for a week. I'll be checking out the Gala dinner's kitchen at Lycee le Castel tomorrow--so excited.

If you're interested to see more of my photos, please check out here.


Manggy said...

I'm loving your pictures and I'm glad you're still enjoying yourself, Thip!

Jen said...

that is a great collage of pictures! very representative of world travel!

Thip said...

Hey Mark, Congrats on the internal midical position and thanks for following my trip!

Thank you, Jen.

Suzie said...

your trip sounds great!
looking forward to more photos of it. =)

Anonymous said...

Kob khun ka for sharing your photos and recipes. I'm an avid reader of your blog.

My favorite photo of your trip is the row of gondolas in Venice - love the contrast (http://picasaweb.google.com/mrspaine/Europe?feat=directlink#5445659082823593074).

If you are still in Paris, do try the ice cream at Berthillon near Notre Dame. They are very good.

Glacier Berthillon
29-31 rue Saint Louis en l'ile
75004 Paris

Phone/Contact Info
01 43 54 31 61

Los Angeles

Thip said...

I have more photos stock at Picasa site, Suzie--just click at the last paragraph on my post.

Thank you, Ketubol. I'll check it out next time. :)

Phuoc'n Delicious said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip you had there. I went last year and keep wanting to go back all the time. I miss it so much. Enjoy the rest of the week in France!

Anonymous said...

i love it.. all of it.. i am currently developing my own site; i just have a problem w/ hosting website. but i surely will deploy the site. thank you for inspiring me.

Thip said...

Phuoc, I'd like to go back to check out the northern europe next time.

Anony, have fun building your site!


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