a dessert crepe...

adaped from Galette De Bretagne...

I've got so many things to do inspired by the trip to Europe last month. Every day seems like I have something to cook or bake. It's kind of fun being at home without boring.

During the trip in Brittany, I had an awesome three-course lunch menu at the creperie "Le Tournesol". It started with a glass of kir breton, a cocktail the local adaptation of the kir. They pour Breton cider instead of white wine. Kir is blackcurrent liqueur and white wine. Then the course continued with two savory galettes and finished with a dessert crepe. I think French use the word "galette" when it made from buckwheat flour, and "crepe" when it made from wheat flour.

Anyway, I really liked the Brittany style crepe, so I search online and got this recipe. I supposed to use buckwheat flour and beer, however, I didn't have any of these in hand. There were all-purpose flour and milled flax seed in the cabinet. :)

8-10 servings

- 200 g all-purpose flour
- 50 g milled flax seed
- 5 g salt
- 15 g sugar (optional)
- 300 g milk
- 1-1/2 eggs
- 25 g unsalted butter, melted


1. Combine flour, flax seed, salt and sugar together in a bowl.
2. Whisk milk, eggs and melted butter together in another bowl.
3. Slowly whisk in milk mixture. Mix well.
4. Cover and chill for an hour.
5. Heat a large pan on medium heat, add some butter.
6. Pour the batter into the pan, enough to coat the pan evenly.
7. Cook for a minute, then flip and cook the other side for another minute.
8. Spread Nutella, sliced bananas and toasted chopped hazelnuts on top.
9. Fold twice and place on the plate.
10. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, serve immediately.


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