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Baking is a combination of art and science. Unlike cooking, baking demands accuracy and attention. It is a skill, you get better as you go! Taking a baking class can help you improve your skills. For example, my first three classes went really well this weekend although my students had different skills of baking from zero to advance. They all were able to make their macarons in the class.

Making macarons can be intimidating, here is my advice how to improve your skills.
- Choose the recipe that people have been successful making them. For example, my recipe or her recipe or her recipe.
- Stick with that recipe and really master it. Keep practicing until you get it right. It can be 10-20 times--just keep practice, practice and practice!
- Follow the recipe exactly as it is written.
- Do not substitute the ingredients.
- Write some notes to keep tracking of your baking.
- Understand your oven temperature and baking time. These are related.
- Make sure you get that recipe right every time before experiment with different ingredients or modify the recipe.
- If you are new to baking, taking the time to understand the baking terms. For example, the term medium peaks, fold in, mix in etc. Understand these terms will help you feel more confident in the kitchen because you know what you are doing.
- Need more advice, take a macaron class. :)

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