Happy Thai New Year...

or Sawasdee Pee Mai in Thai...

Since it's Thai New Year today, I'd like to introduce you a Thai dessert named Tab Tim Grob or rubies in coconut milk. I'm not good about describing in depth, so please check out Shesimmers in order to learn more about this dessert. :)


- 1 can (400 g) coconut milk
- 3 g salt
- 500 g simple syrup
- 1 can (283 g) water chestnuts, diced
- 1500 g water 
- 1 can (230 g) jackfruit in syrup, drained and sliced
- 1 can (230 g) toddy palm's seed in syrup, drained and sliced
- 1 can (230 g) young coconut stripped, drained
- some ice cubes, crushed


1. Bring coconut milk and salt to a simmer. Set aside.
2. Coloring the water chestnuts with red color, drain and coat them with tapioca flour. Dust off any excess flour.
3. Bring water to a boil, then add the water chestnuts and simmer for 3 minutes.
4. Drain and shock in the ice-bath for a minute, then drain again.
5. Place some water chestnuts into a bowl, add some jackfruits, toddy palm's seeds and young coconuts.
6. Add some simple syrup, coconut milk and crushed ice.
7. Serve.


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