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Travelling to Europe between February-March can be challenging. Be prepared for unpredictable weather that could change from sunny to snowy or rainy in a day. Here are some tips to make your travel easier.

- Research and plan your trip ahead. For example, I read lonely planet as a guidebook.
- Pack smart. Because heavy luggage becomes a major problem when changing locations. Buy new clothes if you have to.
- Make sure you bring the right camera and lens, and leave your tripod at home. Personally, taking photos without tripod is fun and flexible--just remember to hold your breath when shooting at night!
- You will need the European adapter.
- A solid walking shoes is a must--no high heels please!
- Make the reservation for hotels and trains if you know the basic places you want to go. Although the adventure and excitement of unknown is a part of the wonderful exploration, dragging luggage around is really not fun.
- If you choose to stay in B&Bs or hostels, you'll save some money. Etab and F1 are not bad, really.
- Make sure you know what train station serves your destination and know how to get around at the train station. I almost missed the flight back home. :(
- When travel by a night train from Italy to France, the conductor will take the passport and hold onto it until the morning. It's a good idea to have a copy of your passport on your checklist.
- Always have some cash and coins with you. Some local groceries don't take credit card. When using the automatic machine at some train stations, the machine won't accept credit card if the amount of payment is under 40 euro.
- In Italy, some restaurants may have a cover charge or ("couvert") for bread, butter, olives, and other accompaniments. Don't be surprise when you see the addition of 2-4 euro on your bill.
- Most B&Bs/hostels don't have the elevator. One luggage is an idea.
- If you spend more than 175 euro on the same day at the same store, don't forget to ask for a tax refund.
If I remember something else, I'll add more tips later. :)

- Bad service at the tax refund @ CDG, be prepared to speak your right!


Manggy said...

Great tips Thip! I am SO glad you didn't miss your flight!! :))

Thip said...

Me too. I thought CDG airport was the last stop for TGV, but it wasn't. :D


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