project 52

that starts with a self-portrait...
Taking photos is easy, taking good or interesting photos is not. The only way I can improve my skill and get better is practice. Shooting once a week with a specific theme will help me stay progressed. My project 52 will focus on people who I've come into contact with, either by daily life or by chance. Please be prepared when you see me come over with my camera. :)

The project starts right here. I'd like to include myself as a person I've been contact with my whole life. Although I don't like taking photos of myself, I think self-portrait is a great way to express myself and improve my photography skill. Yindee's always been a great model whenever I need him, but lately he seems to get sick of my camera--hahaha.

With self portrait, I can fuss with the lighting, exposure and composition. I can go crazy making faces, show emotion, dress up myself etc. Another benefit is I'll have a better photo for my renew passport. This's a good deal. For this project, it may sound easy, but there's a real challenge in order to finish it. I'll have to stay commited, focused and inspired!


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