painted ladies...



Adriana said...

i love san francisco with all my heart... and i fell in love with your blog... the pictures are amazing and i see you liked barcelona! i was born and lived there for most of my life until i moved to boston 2 years ago, but ever since i visited SF, i know i have to live there at some point in my life!

great recipes!

Adriana from Baking Powders

Vanillaorchid said...

สวยมาก ๆ เลยค่ะพี่ทิพย์ ถ้ามีโอกาสต้องไปให้ได้เลยค่ะเมืองนี้

Phuoc'n Delicious said...

That turned out really nice, did you process it afterwards? Some of mine were too bright. I really like the pic you sent of me in front of the ladies..


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