cherry preserves...

without pectin...

My friends, T and L made lots of preserves two weeks ago. I got two flavors from them, cherry amaretto and apricot caramel bourbon. They taste so good on biscuit, bread, yogurt, ice-cream and cheese. I almost out of the cherry one, I decided to make my own before the cherries are out of season.

As I was searching for the recipe, it seemed like a pain to go through all the steps to make a jar of fruit preserves. Then I came across this post and decided to make it just like his. It was a simple easy cooking ever. I love to have my homemade cherry preserves with Greek yogurt and brie.

Here's the four ingredients you only need.
- cherries
- lemon juice and zest
- sugar
- kirsch


Phuoc'n Delicious said...

That looks wonderful Thip! How long do you think they'll last in the fridge?

Thip said...

I'd say a month if you can resist, not to eat it everyday. :D

OysterCulture said...

This preserves sounds amazing with the Greek yogurt and my mind is whirling with all sorts of other possibilities.


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