carrot hazelnut cake...

Just a great recipe for a carrot hazelnut cake!

Ingredients :
make 9" cake pan
adapted from Patisserie of Pierre Herme

- 50 g egg yolks
- 40 g sugar
- 10 g invert sugar
- 130 g egg whites
- 40 g sugar
- 120 g hazelnut flour
- 20 g almond flour
- 80 g carrot, grated
- 50 g carrot puree
- 1 lemon zest
- 40 g all-purpose flour
- 4 g baking powder
- pinch of salt


1. Whisk egg yolks, sugar and invert sugar together to ribbon stage.
2. Make French meringue by whisking egg whites and sugar to medium peaks.
3. Fold the meringue into yolk mixture.
4. Whisk in the rest of ingredients.
5. Pour into a greased cake pan lined with parchment.
6. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.


SavithaRaj's Spice Land said...

So yummy and so simple...great.

Hazel said...

Looks amazing! And perhaps you could get away with saying it's healthy too?!

Lisa said...

That cake looks so pretty. I bet the nuts add a great texture.


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