chocolate and banana tart...

I made this tart a couple days ago and it was absolutely delicious. Chocolate and banana is one of a classic combination that I love.

makes 2 (2 1/2" square ring)
(adapted from Patisserie of Pierre Hermé)

for the chocolate ganache
- 100 g heavy cream
- 90 g dark chocolate
- 35 g unsalted butter, softened
- 10 g invert sugar

for the banana compote
- 100 g banana puree
- 14 g sugar
- 8 g lemon puree
- 2 g gelatin sheet, bloomed

for the banana sauted in butter
- 1 banana, peeled and sliced
- 5 g lemon juice
- 8 g unsalted butter
- 10 g brown sugar

for the coffee nougatine
- 50 g milk
- 125 g butter
- 50 g glucose
- 150 g sugar
- 2 g pectin NH
- 5 g coffee paste
- 20 g ground coffee
- 100 g almond flour

for the sweetened shortcrust
- 100 g unsalted butter, softened
- 65 g powdered sugar
- 1 egg
- 2 g vanilla paste
- 20 g almond flour
- 1 g salt
- 165 g all-purpose flour


for the chocolate ganache
1. Bring cream and invert sugar to a boil.
2. Remove from heat, stir in chocolate.
3. Stir in butter.

for the banana compote
1. Bring all ingredients to boil.
2. Remove from heat, stir in bloomed gelatin.
3. Pour at once 1 cm thick into 1 1/2" circle ring, then freeze.

for the banana sauted in butter
1. Cook the banana slices in a pan with the butter and sugar over high heat until they acquire some color.
2. Allow to cool.

for the coffee nougatine
1. Bring milk, butter and glucose to 120 degrees.
2. Add pectin and sugar, previously mixed. Cook to 223 degrees.
3. Remove from heat, stir in the rest of ingredients.
4. Pour on a silicone mat, cover with another mat, roll it out.
5. Bake at 350 degrees for 5-7 minutes.

for the sweetened shortcrust
1. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy.
2. Beat in egg, extract, almond flour and salt.
3. Beat in flour. As soon as this one is incorporated, stop working the dough.
4. Wrap it and keep in the fridge for a few hours before using.
5. Grease the square ring and press the dough into the ring, start from the bottom then up to the sides. Freeze for 30 minutes.
6. Bake at 375 degrees with weights for 15 minutes or until golden brown.
7. Remove the weights and cool it down before filling.


1. Fill the crust with some ganache, then place on top a disc of frozen banana compote, and complete the filling with more ganache. Chill the tart for a few minutes to set it.
2. Spread the sauted banana over the tart.
3. Garnish with broken pieces of nougatine.


bake-aholic said...

I love Chocolate and Banana ka...such a perfect Match!!

chriesi said...

WOW!! Stunning!

jelena said...

This is a piece of art! Beautiful!

Katie said...

Just beautiful. Love the flavour combination and the photos are wonderful. The square tart makes it look even more special

Phuoc'n Delicious said...

WOW! That looks absolutely stunning Thip! ANd you make me jealous because I now want that book badly! I agree with you, banana and chocolate is a winning combo!

delicieux said...

Wow, this is so stunning and look almost too beautiful to eat!!

Hazel said...

This looks spectacular! I love that the bananas are bronzed. Yummy!

Lisa said...

I can't believe that you made something that beautiful. I wish I had your talent. Not to mention that chocolate and banana are a perfect combination.

Patty said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! And such a fantastic combination of flavors and textures. Amazing photos too. Thanks for sharing :)


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