coconut nutella pot de creme...

I love these pots de creme's texture, silky smooth and light. The key is to bake them in a water bath with low heat.

makes 4

- 250 g coconut milk
- 70 g nutella
- 20 g 70% dark chocolate
- 42 g eggs
- 18 g yolks
- 20 g sugar


1. Bring coconut milk and nutella to a boil.
2. Remove from the heat, stir in chocolate. 
3. Whisk yolks, egg and sugar together by hand until well blended.
4. Temper hot dairy into yolk mixture while whisking.
5. Strain and pour into ramekins.
6. Cover each individual ramekin with aluminum foil.
7. Bake in a hotel pan at 300 F in a water bath for 30 minutes.

Note: It'll look a bit runny but will firm up in the refrigerator. 


christmas sweets said...

Oh my nice combo of coconut and nutella. This dessert looks so divine It looks smooth like cream. I cant believe how easy it is to make.. Thanks for sharing this. :)

bigFATcook said...

yum! It looks so darn pretty!! And it must taste good as well! Great!


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