yuzu and grapefruit...

with tarragon ice cream...

After a long vacation, I'm back into the kitchen now. It has been a year since I left. Some things don't seem to change, but people get more mature. This is great!

As I get older, I realize I enjoy simple things. Things that are not complicated or trendy. This is what my dessert is all about--as simple and delicious as possible. So, please do not expect to see foamy stuff or juicy caviars on my dessert. :)


for yuzu mousse
- 1 lb cream cheese, soften
- 50 g yuzu paste
- 200 g sugar
- 2 g salt
- 6 yolks
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- 1 lemon zest and juice
- 4 sht gelatin, bloomed
- 375 g heavy cream, soft peaks


for yuzu mousse
1. Whisk cream cheese, paste and half of sugar and salt over a bain-marie until sugar has dissolved.
2. Remove from heat, whisk in bloomed gelatin, extract, zest and juice.
3. Whisk yolks and the rest of sugar over a bain-marie to 140F. Then transfer to a mixer, whip on high speed until ribbon stage.
4. Fold in cream cheese mixture. Cool the mixture down over an ice-bath.
5. Fold in whipped cream, fill into molds and freeze.


i'vegotfashionitis said...

yummy! i had a yuzu lemon tart at saduharu aoki and this made me think of it. citrus and yuzu are nice compliments.

Y said...

Looks great! Really wish I could try that tarragon ice cream :)

Magpie said...

Congrats on getting back thip :0 And thanks again for that first taste into macarons :) Loved the class and am addicted to making macarons now!

Thip said...

thanks guys, for stopping by. :)

Kris Ngoei said...

Endless flow of beauty and creativity... you never stop amaze me!


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