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When my husband and I moved into our new house, we knew that we'd be renovating the kitchen in the near future. As an instructor, I wanted my dream kitchen to be able to hold at least 6-8 people at the same time. With the help of Ikea planner, I was able to put things together. I spent months working on my layout ideas and gathering information. Although I had specifics appliances in mind, it was a bit difficult to plan the layout because the fridge and the freezer were way too big for a 300 square feet. After I played around with the plan several times, a single wall layout with an island was my choice.

I agreed with hubby to go with the white cabinets and dark wood floors. Timeless and classic, we knew the white kitchen will open up a space and create the feeling of speciousness. Of course, he gave me a 100% permit to choose all appliances I want. I chose an induction cooktop over the gas cooktop, two single ovens instead of a double oven, and a HUGE set of the fridge & freezer that we started using it yesterday.

The construction is on day 2 today, and will be finish around November--cross my fingers!!  The first two days of living on the working site has been a bit tough for me and Yindee. I get frustrated with the noise and the dust from the knocking down part. I know they do their best to keep things quiet and clean. It's me that need to be adjust to the situation. I remember I went on a vacation for a month when my husband did the kitchen remodeling on our first house 6 years ago. I couldn't get away this time though. :'(

Here're some photos of the first week of renovation.


mushitza said...

ha ha, this is what I did when we remodeled the bathroom - went on vacation. I did the same thing when we changed the windows of the whole house, but for the kitchen we decided we could do all the remodeling and repairs alone. It was dirty and dusty but since I was the one making the dirt I wasn't so frustrated.
Wish you fast and nice kitchen remodeling!

Vanillaorchid said...

will wait to see your new kitchen ka P'Thip ^^

Shreeja N said...

Kitchen renovation, just went thru the entire process two months back! We moved out, got people to finish the work as per plan and then moved in! The planning phase is the most tiresome, I feel.Nicely written! You've written just what I felt 2 months back.take care :)


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