temporary kitchen...

Creating a dream kitchen is an exciting time for me, at the same time, it's a brutal irony to live through the stress of not having a kitchen at all. To survive through out the renovation, I use the guest bedroom as a temporary kitchen. I packed most stuff into boxes, excepted a coffee machine, knives, cutting board, can opener, hot sauce, salt & pepper, and my favorite spices. Then Mark bought me a freezer, fridge and microwave to complete the setup.

Since I didn't want to eat out every day for 3 months, I stocked up frozen and precook canned food for the first time. They don't taste great, but they're convenient to deal with. It's kind of hard when I can't cook my own dinner. I grew up eating fresh food, where vegetables and fruits were available all year round. My family made everything from scratch and I'm so used to that.

A good thing about renovation though, Mark and I can check out our local restaurants more often and then I can write about them on my other blog. My recent post is on Limon Rotisserie. By the way, you won't believe if I say I can live on McDonald's Asian salad and premium grilled chicken classic sandwich. These are my lunch to go on the weekend. I like that I can keep tracking how many calories I'm going to eat. :D

Week 3 of renovation is done. They just finished the demolition and the stairwell. The new furnace and water heater will be install next week, then plumbing and electrical. There was one minor mistake on the floor plan, but can be fix soon. Within a month, Mark and I will have to put all the cabinets together and get them ready for installation. I can't wait!!!


Laura said...

Haha...you FINALLY have a microwave!

Thip said...

I still don't know where I want to put it after the kitchen is done, but it's really convenient to cook things.


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