6-stop MACaholic...

Since I can't bake at home at the moment, I thought it would be fun for me to try out some macarons from local. My goal was to sample every flavors each local offerings, then choose the ones I think people would enjoy having their macarons and write about them.
I've been teaching macaron classes almost two years now, and I've been sampling these fancy French cookies in many countries in Europe, Asia and the States. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, these cookies are the latest food craze around the world. 
Although the best macarons are easy to find in Paris,   you'll be surprised about our local. After months of tasting, I'm excited to give you a 6-stop best macarons in San Francisco. Starting with my favorite!

L'Artisan Gourmet Parisian Macarons (255 Mendell Street)
Best macarons I've tasted so far in the city, with perfect texture and flavor!
  • You must make an appointment if you want to buy macarons at their kitchen.
  • You'll need to try all the flavors they offer. Yes, they're that good. 15 macarons fro $ 28.25.
  • Although they don't have a storefront, you can get them individually at Yoppi yogurt on Sansome St, Cafe De La Presse on Grant Ave, and Rigolo Cafe on California St.

Chantal Guillon Macarons (437 Hayes Street)
A French boutique bakery serving only macarons. 
  • Best ever: salted caramel!
  • At least get a box of 6 macarons from 12 flavors because they look very pretty together, and you can always share with someone. $ 1.65 each.
  • Used to ship their macarons from Paulette in LA, now they're locally made in SF.

La Boulange de Hayes (500 Hayes Street)
If you're looking for authentic French pastries and breads, this is the place.
  • Avoid the lunch hour as it's always packed.
  • While you're here, try their croissants.
  • If you can't find a table, get a cup of coffee to go with your macarons.
  • 10 seasonal flavors to choose from, $ 1.50 each.

Miette Confiserie (449 Octavia Street)
An adorable treat shop with a beautiful vintage feel.
  • A perfect stop for any sweet lover.
  • There's always something new to try.
  • 7 flavors to choose, $ 1.75 each.
  • Happy hour! get a macaron for a buck from 5-7 pm weekdays.

Trader Joe's (555 9th Street)
Who doesn't love all the goodies at TJs?
  • Yes, their macarons are on my list too (so are their peanut butter filled pretzels).
  • The cheapest macaron you can get on the market at $ 0.42 each.
  • Sold in boxes of 12 with 2 flavors, chocolate and vanilla. They're in the frozen dessert section.

Bonjour Patisserie (655 Townsend Street)
A sweet tooth's paradise.
  • My favorites, passion fruit macaron.
  • 9 flavors to try, $ 1.75 each.
  • Variety of dessert selections, like tarts, cakes and cookies.

If you can't find the best macarons after check out these places, you can always come to my classes and learn how to make them by yourself. To get information about classes, follow my Facebook page or check out my  Calendar.

In case you'd like to order my macaron for a party or wedding, contact me by email. I'll be able to create a colorful macaron tower for your event. Here is the sample.



Lucy said...

do you know why you like l'artisan mac best????
do you remember chef thanh's friend chef alex???? he owns l'artisan! =D

Thip said...

Yes, I knew that. :)

Jane Ko said...

Where do you get your towers from? So pretty!

Anonymous said...

More photo lessons please,please,please. I am going tomorrow to class to learn about my camera, but your articles are just wonderful. I was able to understand with your guidance.

Your macs are beautiful. they are on my list, but it rained here in Southern California and I understand that is a no-no, but TJs are pretty good with whipped cream and fruit until the humidity improves.


Anonymous said...

Your stand is awesome! where do you get such a thing!?

taste tester said...

Hi Namthip,

It was very nice meeting you at the CCA event on Tuesday. Your blog looks delicious! Great recommendations on macarons in SF - I've been looking for some good ones in the area!

y.d. said...

That tower is just beautiful! Where did you get your stand from? I've never seen one like that. Just great!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog! I love macarons! Rose petal and black currant are my favorite! I devoured them at Lauduree St Germain and other macaron shop in Marais =) They just opened a Laduree here in New York so I'm really excited about that!


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