chocolate raspberry opera cake...

I've been wanting to make this classic cake again for quite some time. My first attempt was 4 years ago when I was still in culinary school. The traditional opera cake is contained of almond sponge cake (biscuit joconde), coffee buttercream, chocolate ganache, coffee syrup and chocolate glaze. I didn't feel like making the same flavor I did last time, so I came up with the chocolate raspberry opera cake.

Basically, I followed the classical recipe from this book, and did some changes on the flavor combination. Here's the components for this cake.
- dark chocolate
- cocoa biscuit joconde, cut into thirds
- kirsch syrup
- raspberry French buttercream, divided
- milk chocolate-raspberry ganache
- the opera glaze

As you can see, this cake consists of eight layers and must be no taller than 4 cm, mine is only 3 cm. It's a challenge when making it from scratch. You'll have to make the buttercream and ganache before you bake the biscuit joconde. Here's the anatomy of my opera cake.
- the first layer is a thin layer of dark chocolate spread on the back side of the first layer of biscuit joconde, which will be the bottom.
- the second layer is the bottom layer of the cake, brushed with kirsch syrup.
- the third layer is the first layer of French buttercream.
- the fourth layer is the second layer of biscuit joconde, brushed with kirsch syrup.
- the fifth layer is ganache.
- the sixth layer is the last piece of biscuit joconde, brushed with kirsch syrup.
- the seventh layer is last layer of French buttercream.
- the final layer is the opera glaze.

The trickiest part is when you're ready to trim the opera cake. The cake needs to be freeze to firm up before trimming. You'll need to warm the knife in hot water, wipe it dry before you cut the cake. In order to get a clean cut, your knife needs to be clean, warm and dry every time you cut the cake.


Nish said...

suay jung loei aa! so perfectly done!

Nada said...

That's brilliant!

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Lucy said...

What a beautiful cake! The flavours sound gorgeous.

Receitas de Herança said...

Meus Parabéns! Seu blog é maravilhoso...beijos.

Thip said...

thank you!


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