kouign amann...

Someone says Kouign-amann is a croissant on steroids, I'll have to agree with that because the dough has double of the butter compared to a croissant dough. I remember I had my first encounter with this salty sweet buttery pastry in Bretagne a couple years ago. Kouign-amann is a Breton pastry made with laminated dough and caramelized sugar. It's the balance of salty sweet flavor that makes it taste so good, as well as its texture--crunchy on the outside and buttery & flaky in the middle. It's like a cross between a croissant and a palmier.

There're only two bakeries in the Bay Area selling Kouign-amann. In San Francisco, you can get it at Bi-rite and Four Barrel. For your information, Kouign-amann is best eaten the same day it's made. If you've never try it, make sure you add it into your 100 things to eat before you die. :)

Meanwhile, I'm testing recipes and try to get down to the one I like best. I'll be adding a new class "Kouign-amann from scratch" as soon as possible, hopefully next month. In case you can't find Kouign-amann in your area, come to my class and learn how to make it yourself. It'll be fun!

Update: sign up for this class here http://classes.namthip.com/class_meetings/279.

with blueberry filling...

with spiced sugar...

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