happy new year!

It's 2014 and these are simple things that I'm going to make this year my best!
- do yoga as much as possible
- walk or ride my bike more often
- walk my dog every day
- make more personal phone call instead of texting
- cook more
- support local
- donate old clothes before getting new clothes
- drink more water
- be positive
- experience more art, nature, sound, aroma, taste and people
- sign up for a dance or art class
- limit the time i spend online
- do some volunteer work
- windsurfing more

Talking about yoga, it's my first priority this year because I want to maintain healthy and active lifestyle. Tell the truth, it's hard to keep me on this track when I bake for a living. I know I must do something in order to keep me going, so I got myself a one-year yoga membership on Christmas. :)

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