Road Trip 2014

When I was living in the Caribbean for two years, I had to come back to the States every six months in order to keep my green card. In 2006, my husband and I needed to stay in the US for 6 weeks long so we decided to buy a van to be our home away from home. Living in a van wasn't something I thought I could do, but it turned out that the freedoms of living in the back of the van were amazing. Plus I got to wake up to a new adventure every morning.

Since then, living in a van hasn't been a problem to me. When my husband told me he wanted to do a road trip again, I was sold. Our plan was to visit the National Parks in Utah and Arizona. We spent our first camping night at the campground in Green River State Park, where we got bitten alive by million of mosquitos. Oh well, lesson learned--not to camp close to the breeding ground. It wasn't convenience to take Moby into National Parks, so he stayed at Karen's canine campground for a few days while we were checking out all National Parks.

We started off our trip by camping overnight at Murphy Point, Canyonlands. It was the most beautiful and peaceful place on earth I've ever come close to, especially when the sun lit up the sky with a golden sunset. Our campsite was on a hilltop overlooking the vast red maze of sandstone canyons and spires that name the park. This campsite only accessed by a hiking trail. There were only two of us that night. It took us about an hour to reach the campsite. No facilities were provided here, such as water, restrooms or trash cans. You must be wonder how we stayed clean. Here's the tricks for Backcountry Hygiene.

After Canyonlands, we visited Arches, Antelope Canyon, Bryce and Capitol Reef. We spent every night in the back of the van. Again, I'm sure you're wondering how we showered. Easy, there were many campgrounds that provide hot showers. Truck stops also had the best showers, just so you know. :)

We picked up Moby and continued our road trip to Million Dollar Highway, Durango, Santa Fe, Petrified Forest, Flagstaff, Sedona and Grand Canyon. It wasn't easy for three of us to live in such a small space every night when Moby returned to the van. Instead we stayed in a motel for some space. 

In ten days, we covered six States (California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico) and seven National parks (Arches, Canyonlands, Antelope Canyon, Bryce, Capitol Reef, petrified Forrest and Grand Canyon).

Here are some tips for this road trip.
- Make plan when travel with your dogs.
- Bring enough water.
- You need to make a reservation ahead of time when boarding your dogs at Karen's canine.
- Moab is a charming little town that provides lots of car washes, includes drive-thru car washes.
- Escalante has a nice coffee shop. They make everything from scratch. The best homemade muffin for this trip.
- Camping at Canyonlands needs a permit.
- Upper Antelope Canyon is accessible by guide tours only. You must book a tour ahead.
- Avoid credit card skimming, using cash instead of credit card in any gas stations.
- If you happen to be in Chama, New Mexico. Stay overnight at Chama Trails Inn and have dinner at High Country Restaurant and Saloon.
- In Santa Fe, lunch at Tabla de Los Santos. It's a mix of French, Mexican and American.
- In Flagstaff, check out Beaver Street Brewery.
- Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest are pet friendly parks.

Check out more photos here!

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