The Wedding Cake!

One of my friends from culinary school asked me if I could make her wedding cake, and I said yes. I was nervous even though I've made many cakes already, I've never made a wedding cake for anyone (except once while I was still in culinary school). Working on a wedding cake can be really stressful, luckily we had the same mind about how the cake should be and look. So she decided on the look, and I made it happen for her. I always set my goal high when I do something. When my friend is a pastry chef, the goal is even higher.

I've heard most people don't eat the cake because it's either tasteless or dry or both. So I wanted to make a beautiful wedding cake that people will enjoy and eat it too. I spent three days making this cake. I baked all the cakes on the first day, filling and icing on the second day, and covered them with fondant on the third day. Since the base was really thick and heavy, I decided to assembling the cake at the venue. Everything went well. I had two friends helping me at the dessert table. One friend made carrot cupcakes and lemon tarts. They were tasty.

The wedding was yesterday. It looked like everyone enjoyed the cake and dessert. My job was completed!


Y said...

Looks absolutely amazing!

Thip said...

Thanks Y!

Laura said...

You did an amazing job Thip! Thank you so much - we are forever grateful!!!

Thip said...

You're very welcome, Laura!

Janice said...

Stunning. Just gorgeous, Thip. No doubt the upcoming wedding cake will be equally as amazing. Thanks for a fabulous class (and a delicious opera cake) today. Meeting you and learning from you was a pleasure and a treat.
Mil gracias!

Thip said...

Thank you, Janice. Nice meeting you today!


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