Road Trip 2015

Yes, we did it again. Road trip has become a family vacation tradition. We covered 5 states (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana) in 12 days this time.

Roughly 5,000 miles round-trip from our home in San Francisco to Joshua Tree National Park, Chiricahua National Monument, a run to the Mexican border in El Paso, a small town Fort Davis, Big Bend National Park, still hugging Mexican border along the Rio Grande, up through Austin and New Orleans, then drove back home through Dallas and Flagstaff. Simply remarkable. I honestly can't say enough. I'll just let the Pictures tell the story (and yes, there are many).

The highlight of this trip was Big Bend National Park. I really enjoyed 5 miles hiking at the Window Trail. It was a moderate hike down towards the fantastic view at the end (picture below). It was freezing cold when we were there, so we decided to sleep in the back of our van instead of sleep in a tent.

Here are some tips for this trip.

- It's a first come, first served campsite for Jumbo Rock Campground at Joshua Tree National Park. Plan ahead and avoid long weekend holidays because it is always full during holidays.
- You can make a reservation online for Bonita Canyon Campground at Chiricahua National Monument here.
- Check out Brak Thru, the place you can leave your dog for a couple days while you're exploring Big Bend National Park.
- Stone Village Tourist Camp is a good motel to stay overnight if you happen to be at Fort Davis.
- Make a reservation online for Chisos Basin Campground here.
- It's a first come, first served campsite for Cottonwood Campground at Big Bend National Park.
- In Austin, we left Moby (our Weimaraner) at Happy Mailman Dog Daycare for a few hours so that we can walk around town a bit.
- Motel 6 is a great place to stay when you travel with a dog. Pet friendly and great staff. You won't get an extra charge for your dog.
- Snooze in tepee motel. The office opens between 4:00-0:00 pm. You must call to make a reservation. Wigwam Village Motel 6

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