Europe trip 2015 : part 1

I didn't plan it, but it happens to be that I travel to Paris every 5 years. This is my third time and I felt like I knew Paris a little better. For this trip, I decided to check out London and some interesting sites nearby for a few days alone before I meet with my sister and check out all the new patisseries in Paris for a few days. Then I'll be heading south with my sister and brother-in-law for a few weeks.

Just so you know I'm blogging about this trip in a hotel room at 3 AM in the morning because I couldn't go back to sleep on my first night. Knocked my knuckles on the bed and hope I don't get  a jet lag since I'll have a bike ride in London this afternoon. 

I want to blog about this so that I remember next time how easy to get from CDG airport to Paris. It only took me 25 minutes from the airport to Gare du Nord by RER B, and cost 10 euro one way trip. One thing though, you should have some euros ahead of time from your bank to pay for transportation and meals the first day without having to deal with getting money while slightly jet lag. Most ticket machines take coins or smart-chip credit cards. If your credit card is from the US, most likely it won't work. However, I was lucky it took my credit card. I won't use it again though--who knows I won't be able to get my card out of the ticket machine next time.

My flight came in at Terminal 2A, so I walked all the way to the right after I got my luggage. It took me 15 minutes to walk to RER B station, then another 25 minutes to get to Paris. It wasn't bad at all when you compare with a shuttle that will cost you about 30 euros and 90 minutes to get to the city. If you only have one luggage, use the train. Talk about luggage, mine was about 21 kilos so the staff told me to get some thing out so that it could stay under 21 kilos. The limit is 20 kilos. Make sure you have an extra bag in case this happens. 

To learn more about how to get from the airport to Paris, these links will give you more information and details. 

It's about 5 am now, and I only have 2-3 hours to sleep before getting ready for  a trip to London by Eurostar. This is my first time ever that I'm traveling alone by myself. The idea of traveling solo has always fascinated me. What does it feel like to travel alone?

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