Just 4 hour flight from home, I was in the country that's been getting a bad travel rap. Mexico City was always one of the cities I wanted to go. I was fascinated by the culture, architecture and food.

The first thing I want to say is that Mexico is not as dangerous as you think. It's a beautiful, rich, magnetic, colorful and unique country. The people I met in Mexico were all friendly and generous. They love music. They love color. They love food and they love to watch sport. In my traveling experience, some places have luxury accommodations, some have good food, some have good weather, some have art or history.  To me, what makes Mexico unique is that it has all those elements combined in one place. This time I traveled with my husband. We spent most of our time in Mexico City and a couple days in Teotihuacán and Taxco.

Hitting those Mexico City's hot spots by metro was a fun part for me. I got to see the city as a local. The metro system in Mexico City has to be the best way to travel within the city with very little money (5 pesos = 30 cents). Metro is no more dangerous than any big city subway. The metro trains are pretty much exactly what you'd expect to find in any American or European city, except they aren't air conditioned. My husband and I got on and off metro every day while we were there and we never felt unsafe. We spent our last day on Hop-on Hop-off Bus just to make sure that we covered all the hot spots in the city (which we did already on the first 2 days of our arrival). If you decide to go on the hop-on hop-off bus, don't buy ticket from a tour because it will cost you double. You can buy ticket on the bus. Just make sure you know where to get on the bus. They have 21 stops.

Getting around in most parts of Mexico couldn’t be easier. They have a great bus system with many classes of service available to fit everyone needs. Again, we didn't go with the tour. By doing it on our own, we saved a ton of money, a little bit of time and regain complete control of our trip. Basically, we went to the north station for Teotihuacán and south station for Taxco. We bought all the tickets at the station, but you can also buy ticket online here Online Bus Ticket. Not all the destinations can be purchase ticket online, for Teotihuacán you have to buy ticket at the north station--look for Autobuses Teotihuacan which is one of the last desks at the end of the terminal. Just look for the blue pyramid on the sign.

The bus we took to Taxco was really fancy. They provided snacks and a permanent drink station in the back of the bus with hot water for tea and coffee. There were only 3 seats across which almost lie flat, similar to business class airline seats. They also have restroom on the bus. I gotta tell you I was very impressed by this 3 hours one-way inexpensive service we paid for 240 pesos ($15).

This trip, I decided to leave the real camera at home and put the iphone in my pocket. Everyone knows that iphone has a great camera. But how close am I to throwing away my dedicated photography setup? 

The truth is iphone is a ton of fun to use as a camera, and I've taken some of my favorite photos with it. It's more than adequate for regular snapshots when out and about during the day. But when I need more creative control, iphone can't beat the real thing. So guess what, I'll be carrying my heavy duty camera for my next trip!

As I mentioned, all photos for this trip are taken by iphone. You can view more photos here : Mexico Trip

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